Primalist bug or misunderstanding

Hello first of all, i want to apologize for my english, i’m french so google translate write this for me.
I have run into two problem with my primalist (beastmaster). I don’t know if I misunderstood something given my level of English or if this is a bug.

The first concerns the wolf spell
It is written that there is a 4 second cooldown, off after activating the cry I have 10 seconds stopwatch in hand. So be it a problem be the cooldown shown is for the summon but not the shout but it should be clarified. Put a cooldown for the summon and another for the activation of the cry.
The second is a synergy between several liabilities. In the wolves spell we can unlock several passive, Snarl, victory howl and battlecry, the three we have in common to activate the cry automatically.
Then come in the tree of the beastmaster the passive cry of the lynx which is activated when we use the cry of the wolf (or other invocation) The passive works well when I manually activate the cry, but not when the cry is triggered automatically , this is it normal I do not know, but for me it is all the interest to be able to automatically trigger the cry of the wolf it was to activate the passive linked to this spell but also that of the lynx.

I know that would do a lot of things to clarify but it is important for the theorycraft we player will always look for the best passive and active to combine as best as possible and in this case it is clearly against intuitive, anyone reading these differents these spell descriptors see an obvious synergy in it.

excuse me for the double post, but I just realized that my point number 1 is not a bug, but clearly a lack of clarity. On the spell in its passive tree it is well written 4 second cooldown, but it is for the summoning but it is not written. Neither what is the famous cry of elsewhere, nor even that it exists. It is only by equipping it and activating the invocation that the logo changes with the famous description of the scream and therefore cooldown well for 10 seconds as I calculated. But this is clearly not clear enough all this should be written on the base spell otherwise we only have half the description. After that does not explain the second problem.

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