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Primalist - Briar Thorn

Hi guys,
I got a question ( cant find any good info) So i am playing with Primal Bear and i dont understand Briar thorn skill - ranged spell that deals physical damage and here we go with my question:

  • How this skill is scaling - spell, physical damage or other dmg?
    I dont know if any minion physical dmg will increased this skill dmg or i need to pick up increased minion spell…
    Ty for help

If it is cast by the bear and is tagged as spell, it scales with Minion Spell Damage

And minion physical damage (since it has the spell & phys tags).

Oh tahts cool. So its scala with spell and phys minion affix. How about beat passive increased melee DMG or phys???

Without the melee tag, as it is a ranged spell it wont scale with passive increased melee damage, however as it has the physical tag it will scale with passive increased physical damage. Have fun with the bear! :smiley:

Thanks you so much for info.
I knows its bear tag.
But i just got in my hands Scorpion and baby scorpion. I know that baby scorpion is a Minion of Big scorpion. So i udnerstand that babies scal with all minions tags ( wep,arms etc) but how about scorpion passives poison or other scorpion passive? Plus those from general character passive do they scal too??