Primal Serpent Emerald Fangs Not Functioning

Have emerald fangs slotted in serpent strike with a primal serpent on the field. I noticed I was getting no frailty procs on any enemy units. I’m pretty sure this is the bug:

  • If the serpent has been summoned in the zone Emerald Fangs functions as intended. I confirmed this worked in combat zones, including zones which previously had a carried over primal serpent (that was then removed and a new one was summoned).

  • If the serpent has been carried over from another zone Emerald Fangs does not function, or at least does not inflict frailty, I had innate on poison hit so wasn’t sure about that effect. I confirmed on a dummy no frailty procs.

To your second bullet I can attest that Emerald Fangs does not function for the increase poison chance as well. Tested this on the dummies in the arena, if you brought the serpent in from another zone the total stacks I could reach was drastically smaller than the stacks that could be attained if I summoned a new one in that zone to then attack the dummy.