Primal pets VS Skeleton/Golem

How do you like them? I feel Skeleton/Mage/Golem is like typical summoner build where you get great number of melee/range dps pets and a good tanking pet (or two smaller tanks) that actually walks faster to get aggro. I just feel Skeletons are way superior at the moment. If they die, you can just resummon them anywhere.

What about Beast Master? Bear/Scorpion walk WAY TOO slow. Wolves/Sabretooth usually get the first aggro as they are much faster.

How can we make them more different? I enjoy Pet cool-down skills as they make the gameplay a bit different from Skeleton. However, I feel most of the pet skills are still too weak.

Scorpion - Nova. Very small radius to start. For a 10s cool-down skill, it does pretty low damage. Lightning Nova version is even more worse with no spikes.

Sabretooth - damage has increased but it still feels not enough.

Spriggan - ok, its healing is pretty impressive.

Wolves - probably the most useful as they can stack buffs I think

Bear - haven’t tried the new aoe taunt but I am not too thrilled with 10s cool down.

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I’ve played both and, for me, beast master is superior. The damage scales better and faster. I had trouble leveling necro as the damage just wasn’t there. Plus necro almost has too many summons they can get in the way and prevent other summons from attacking. Also archers will try to shoot through walls further wasting dps. With BM try scaling minion crit chance and crit damage apposed to just plain minion damage. Also the BM glancing blows makes companions tougher than any necro pet. Also imo wolves are in a bad state atm, poor dmg and poor sustain. Stack life regeneration for BM.

I have to agree w/ Servire on this. I have done many Primalist and Acolyte pet builds and I’m just at endgame on a full beastmaster build w/ 5 pets. It has much more raw dmg and survivability than my Necros’s ever had. Looking forward to see where I can take it!

I agree, my beastmaster toon was way more enjoyable than the dozens of acolytes I tried.
Also, the intelligence stacking that acolyte offers is way worse than stacking another stat. Intelligence, and ward as a mechanic, just feel awful.
Attunement is a nice way to up your minions damage, minion health and stay defensive yourself. Strength at least gives more armour.

I suspect fixing the AI of minions will improve things.

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Skeletons are much better if you know what you are doing and build them right. You need to be aware enough to know you have to direct them with A and they will kill faster and much better then Primalist pets.

I’m gonna have to correct this post:
‘pushing A’ will not cause skeleton archers or mages to stop attacking a brick wall.

I also want to give the poster a chance to improve some things:
‘Better’ is subjective, and would add to the discussion if it were followed by some sort of reasoning.
‘If you know what you are doing’ is an egotistical choice of phrase, but could still add to the discussion if you were to elaborate.

Honestly Primal pets are miles ahead. Way more survivability. Skeleton builds struggle to hit wave 200 in arena. Beastmasters can hit 300.

Shamans getting minion bonses and attunement affecting Wolves, Spriggan and Totems leaves them both in the dust. All while having excellent defence and strong attacks (Tornado or Entangle) of their own.

Hi summoner here
what is the best pet build necro or druid?
i tried necro feels ok but druid seems tankier
how far can it clear waves?


Necro and if you go for pets beastmaster is better then druid.

the new raptor pet along with the innate +1 companion make BM far superior now

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