Preparation and fire aura interaction

Preparation gives spell increased damage every three seconds to the next spell cast.

I generate some fire aura stacks via flame walker node. It counts as a cast and thus, trigger the preparation node.

My question is : this trigger will benefit to the particular stack of the fire aura just casted or to every other stacks of fire aura ?

No, procs like that aren’t “casts”. Preparation wouldn’t be consumed by the Flame Walker procs as they aren’t casts.

Wow, are u really 1000% sure about this ? Because in game standing still, doing nothing but generating fire aura, preparation is consumed. It is consistent with the description of the node “you have a chance to cast the aura”.

So for me both with the node description plus the in-game tests, preparation node is consumed by those casts.

Then that’s a bug. If you’re not using a spell then Preparation shouldn’t be consumed. 'Cause Fire Aura is not a spell you can cast. Unless it’s being consumed by the melee skill you’re using to generate fire auras while standing still.

I opened a bug report (not any feedback on it yet : (Fire aura, flame walker, preparation node (Spellblade)))

So there is no possibility to benefit from Preparation node to the all the fire aura stacks ?

It shouldn’t since Preparation should only affect spells you cast but you don’t cast Fire Aura, it procs.

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