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Preformance Issues With Skills

Operating System:Windows 7

Detailed description:There is a major preformance issue with Entangling Roots. Specifically when you have Restorative Harvest and Roots of Laap nodes. I’ve tested it with just Restorative harvest and the issue does not occur. As you continue to use Entangling Roots with these 2 nodes ones FPS preformance will continue to go down. This is especially noticeable in the arena as changing areas will restore your fps. However, it happens in all areas I’ve tested. For example my fps (on lowest graphics because im a try hard:P) is normally 60 fps. After a few wave rounds using Entangling roots with these 2 nodes it will be around 17-18 with consistant casting.

What were you doing at the time?
See above.
How consistently does this happen?
Every time.
Your system information:8 gb Ram
i5-3470 3.2 GHz processer
NVidia Gforce GTX 760
Your log file:
Hmm will add this later:)

Another skill with huge performance issues is Elemental Nova specifically with the lightning node that causes a secondary explosion. You can have it attach 100% of the time and with fast cast speed it causes a massive lag effect. Hopefully this will be resolved in .6 as it sounds like you reduced the performance issues related with damage numbers.

Devouring Orb/Void Echo has a similar issue.

0.6 will likely improve these situations, but I can’t say for certain or by how much. As we’re so close to the patch, please test again and report back once 0.6 is out, that way we can better diagnose the issues.

Thanks for the report!

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