Prefix and Suffix condition for Loot Filter and additional request

For Advanced Affix Filter.

For example.
If X item has 1 selected T3 Prefix Show
If X item has 2 selected T4 Suffix Show

If we can do this in 1 rule. That would be awesome.

Also Prefix and Suffix tags near the affixes for the filter window. I’ve actually learned which one is a prefix or which one suffix. But this can be good for new players.

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Problem is in a few cases an affix is both a prefix and suffix based on the item slot

Which one for example?

Would be a very nice addition to the loot filter.

I agree with the prefix and suffix identifiers as there is no overlap on those affixes. I don’t understand the loot filter request on the top bit though. Why would you want to filter like that?

A filter that is “Affixes of 3 selected types with total sum > 7” effectively does the same thing?

With the loot filter you have youd miss a t3 prefix, t3 suffix, t3 suffix which I would wager is just as useable with the LE crafting system?

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