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Pre-Alpha Race Client Patch Notes

Welcome to the patch notes for our first ever race client!

Not able to join in? Here’s a link to people streaming Last Epoch on Twitch.

Note: Unfortunately this will be a Windows-exclusive as the person who usually builds our demos is unavailable. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The regular release of will feature both Windows and Linux clients.


  • Dev Mode has been disabled
  • Normal Difficulty has been disabled
  • Added a timer for the race
    • You can create a new character and wait at the tutorial screen for the race button to go live (do not hit continue)
    • Once the race is live, the timer will count up from the event start time
    • When you reach level 50, the timer will turn green and display your final time
    • Time continues to count up even after disconnecting, and is unaffected by system time
  • Added level-based XP penalties
    • If your character level is significantly higher than the level of the zone you are in, you will earn XP at a reduced rate.
    • If you are 5 levels above an area there is an 80% XP penalty
    • If you are 8 levels above an area there is a 96% XP penalty
    • The Arena scales with character level and will be unaffected.
    • The levels of the other zones are listed in the following post.


  • Checking mana cost no longer requires memory allocation
  • The mouse icon manager allocates 99% less memory
  • Finding the position to move to on mouse click no longer requires memory allocation, and is less computationally expensive
  • Reduced memory allocation per frame while moving, but out of combat, by 70%
  • Fixed a major memory leak caused by ability sounds


  • SC and HC now have separate stashes and shard lists
  • Gold is now saved between all SC characters and all HC characters
  • Due to changes with how the stash saves, stashes from previous versions will not carry over to this version but stashes will carry over for future updates
  • Implemented Solo Challenge Mode: your stash, shards, and gold are separate for your character.
  • Increased XP gained from enemies in the Arena
  • When you use a portal to return to town, you will now spawn next to a portal that you can take to return to the place you came from
  • Maximus now moves to The Square once you reach it


  • Summoned wolves attack 30% faster
  • Summoned bears deal 30% more damage
  • Added 7 new nodes to the mana strike tree
    • You can now call lightning down on enemies you hit
    • There are now bonuses that scale with your current mana
    • There are now nodes that increase your damage while you are out of mana


  • Added a tooltip for Ward
  • The Alt, Ctrl, and Shift buttons on the right side of the keyboard now function identically to those on the left side of the keyboard


  • Throwing Attack Speed and Throwing Attack Damage can now spawn on relics and amulets
  • Movement Speed can no longer spawn on amulets or relics
  • Mods that grant Movement Speed Gained on Flask Use now grant smaller values
  • Reduced the spawn rate of Agility, Strength, and Intelligence on items
  • Nerfed Titan Heart
    • 30% reduced health recovery, up from 20
    • 30% increased maximum life, down from 40
  • Buffed Calamity
    • Damage taken per second is based on fire kills from the last 2 seconds, down from 5
    • Nerfed Urzil's Pride
      • Added mana reduced from 100 to 40
    • Buffed Bleeding Heart
      • Less life regeneration reduced from 50% to 35%
    • Nerfed The Falcon
      • Added dodge rating reduced from 100 to 45
      • Removed base increased movement speed
      • Increased movement speed if you have hit an enemy in the last 5 seconds reduced from 20% to 15%
    • Buffed Rahyeh's Light
      • Fire Shield refresh cost reduced from 200 to 80
    • Buffed Arboreal Curcuit
      • Replaced 3 added endurance with 300 minion armor


    • Aged Forms deal less damage and give less XP
    • The Omen of Silence and Abyssal Crawlers give less XP


    • Adjusted bleed visual effect

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where tooltips at the left of the screen would go off the screen
    • Fixed Battle Axes having an incorrect implicit
    • Fixed Lagonian Axes having an incorrect implicit
    • Fixed various places where you couldn't move properly because of scene objects
    • Fixed a bug where movement speed from nodes on the Void Knight Passive Grid were not increasing movement speed correctly
    • Fixed a bug where Teleport would fail to move the player correctly if the target location was not easily accessible
    • Fixed a major memory leak with sounds, which was also causing sounds to stop playing
    • Fixed a bug where the extra patch node on the Entangling Roots tree would not apply when you had the patches arranged in a line node
    • You can no longer put two points into the Vale Assault node on the Summon Spriggan tree

    You can download the client here:

    Check out our Kickstarter page for regular demo releases and to pledge for exclusive rewards!

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Zone Levels

  • Breir's Watch 3
  • Breirhold 4
  • Cliffs 6
  • Underground Lake 8
  • Swamp 14
  • Lair 16
  • Path 17
  • Ruins 23
  • Temple 26

As noted in the previous post, the Arena scales with the level of your character.

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