Pre-Alpha Patch Notes

Smaller update this time around, but we’ve fixed several bugs including a major memory leak and sound issue, as well as a new skill tree for Mana Strike and other improvements.


  • Due to changes with how the stash saves, stashes from previous versions will not carry over to this version but stashes will carry over for future updates
  • SC and HC now have separate stashes and shard lists
  • Gold is now saved between all SC characters and all HC characters
  • Implemented solo challenge mode: your stash, shards, and gold are separate for your character. A character CAN be solo challenge and hardcore
  • Increased xp gained from enemies in the arena
  • When you use a portal to return to town, you will now spawn next to a portal that you can take to return to the place you came from
  • Maximus now moves to The Square once you reach it


  • Checking mana cost no longer requires memory allocation
  • The mouse icon manager allocates 99% less memory
  • Finding the position to move to on mouse click no longer requires memory allocation, and is less computationally expensive
  • Reduced memory allocation per frame while moving, but out of combat, by 70%
  • Fixed a major memory leak caused by ability sounds
  • Removed some long-range lights in Brier’s Watch (still room for improvement)


  • Summoned wolves attack 30% faster
  • Summoned bears deal 30% more damage
  • Added 7 new nodes to the mana strike tree
    • You can now call lightning down on enemies you hit
    • There are now bonuses that scale with your current mana
    • There are now nodes that increase your damage while you are out of mana


  • Added a tooltip for the ward display
  • Right ctrl, right alt, and right shift can now be used in place of the versions on the left side of the keyboard


  • Throwing Attack Speed and Throwing Attack Damage can now spawn on relics and amulets
  • Movement Speed can no longer spawn on amulets or relics
  • Mods that grant Movement Speed Gained on Flask Use now grant smaller values
  • Reduced the spawn rate of Agility, Strength, and Intelligence on items
  • Nerfed Titan Heart
    • 30% reduced health recovery, up from 20
    • 30% increased maximum life, down from 40
  • Buffed Calamity
    • Damage taken per second is based on fire kills from the last 2 seconds, down from 5
  • Nerfed Urzil's Pride
    • Added mana reduced from 100 to 40
  • Buffed Bleeding Heart
    • Less life regeneration reduced from 50% to 35%
  • Nerfed The Falcon
    • Added dodge rating reduced from 100 to 45
    • Removed base increased movement speed
    • Increased movement speed if you have hit an enemy in the last 5 seconds reduced from 20% to 15%
  • Buffed Rahyeh's Light
    • Fire shield refresh cost reduced from 200 to 80
  • Buffed Arboreal Curcuit
    • Replaced 3 added endurance with 300 minion armor


  • Aged Forms deal less damage and give less xp
  • The Omen of Silence and Abyssal Crawlers give less xp


  • Adjusted bleed vfx

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where tooltips at the left of the screen would go off the screen
  • Fixed Battle Axes having an incorrect implicit
  • Fixed Lagonian Axes having an incorrect implicit
  • Fixed various places where you couldn't move properly because of scene objects
  • Fixed a bug where movement speed from nodes on the knight tree were not increasing movement speed correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Teleport would fail to move the player correctly if the target location was not easily accessible
  • Fixed a major memory leak with sounds, which was also causing sounds to stop playing
  • Fixed a bug where the extra patch node on the Entangling Roots tree would not apply when you had the patches arranged in a line node
  • Fixed being able to put two points into the Vale Assault node on the Summon Spriggan tree
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