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Pre-Alpha Patch Notes

We weren’t expecting a patch so soon, but there were a number of issues with the new crafting menu that were not encountered during testing. So those have been fixed, and we managed to add in a few features too!


  • Characters no longer appear in the character select window if they are from a different version (they can still be loaded with the old build)
  • Added a second page to the character sheet with more stats such as ailment chance
  • Increased and Added shards are now marked as such in the shards window
  • Added the ability to sort by shard type (prefix vs suffix)
  • Can no longer press the forge button if you cannot craft
  • Added a difficulty display to the bottom screen UI
  • Added the animated logo to the start screen


  • Changed Hummingbee to grant 2 ward on all hits
  • Increased Health Recovered on Potion Use can now spawn on helmets, but can no longer spawn on gloves


  • Added two new nodes to the Meteor tree, you can now make your meteors fall in a line
  • The attack speed on hit node on the Swipe tree no longer stacks, but grants twice the amount of attack speed and can have 4 points allocated to it (up from 2)
  • Primal Challenge now has a 4 second cooldown, but costs no mana
  • Vale Spirit now uses a lightning beam attack that can't miss
  • Bleed now deals 48 damage over 4 seconds (up from 36 damage over 3 seconds)


  • Added a new bleed particle effect
  • Minor lighting/post-processing tweaks


  • Draal Grubs are easier to see

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues with the new shard storage by doing it over
  • Fixed a node overlapping with Volatile Reversal’s root node
  • Fixed invisible walls in the Arena
  • Fixed movement issues with pillars in Temple
  • Fixed a bug where Eye of Reen did not work with Shield Rush or Tempest
  • Fixed the welcome screen and difficulty selection screen not being displayed
  • Fixed a bug where clicking back on the character creation screen opened the confirmation box for exiting the game
  • Fixed a bug with saving nodes on the fireball tree
Lots more changes happened in, so check out those notes here:

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