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Pre-Alpha Patch Notes


This patch includes a new crafting UI that stores your shards, graphics updates, new skills, reworked uniques, tooltip fixes and many other improvements from your feedback!


  • Movement is now significantly smoother. If you click on inaccessible terrain you will now walk towards it instead of not moving at all
  • Shards are no longer created as items from shattering, they now remain in the crafting UI
    • Shards display in a list which is sortable by name and quantity
  • Decreased the chance of getting 0 affix shards from shattering an item
  • Potion now heals 50 + (character level) per use
  • If you have over 100% chance to apply a status effect you can now apply it multiple times
    • Ex. 150% ignite chance = 100% ignite chance, 50% for an additional ignite
  • Reduced the damage of the poison status effect by 17%


  • Added the "Call of the Hunt" skill for Beastmaster, which can be used to instruct your minions to attack specific enemies or barrels
  • Added two stances for Void Knight
    • Ephemeral stance increases void and physical damage, but deals damage to you when you use an ability
    • Juggernaut stance reduces damage taken, but also reduces speed
    • Both stances are instant toggles and you can only have one active at once
  • Renamed Sunder to Rive
  • Spiralling hammers move in a tighter spiral and last 25% longer
  • Reduced the mana cost of Shield Throw
  • Added a mana efficiency node to the Erasing Strike tree
  • Tempest now only drains 20 mana, but the reduced mana drain nodes on its tree are mostly weaker or have lower limits
  • The reduces spread node in the Thorn Totem tree now reduces the spread by 40 degrees and has a maximum of 3 points (changed from 20 degrees and a maximum of 6 points)
  • Innervate now has no mana cost, but grants a flat 50 ward on cast
  • Reduced the damage over time dealt by Entangling Roots
  • Reduced the power of the ward per attribute nodes on the Sorcerer Grid
  • Reduced Ice Ward’s Impenetrable Ice additional protection from 10,000 to 2,000
  • Improved the performance of Shield Rush and Flanking Strike


  • Added a new unique spear
  • Unique item descriptions now list exact times instead of “recently”
  • Added new effects to Bleeding Heart, Strong Mind and Decayed Skull
  • Added lore text to The Falcon
  • Clarified Close Call and Ward Trail’s dodge mechanics
  • Separated melee and spell hit for ward gain on Humming Bee
    • Melee hit grants 10 ward
    • Spell hit grants 1 ward
  • Uniques no longer spawn in the shop (they weren’t working perfectly anyway)
  • Increased drop rate of Shattering Stones
  • Adding an shard to an item no longer rerolls other affixes
  • Added an Increased Melee Damage prefix that can spawn on all melee weapons except wands
  • Throwing Attack Speed can now spawn on two handed maces and rings
  • Increased the power of low tier mana affixes
  • Potion affixes are now prefixes
  • % Increased Health can now spawn on helmets, gloves, and belts in addition to body armour and shields


  • Added an FPS display with multiple colors, toggled with shift + z
  • Improved clarity of many tooltips, thanks to community reporting
  • Added new level up and menu buttons
  • Added a rotating logo for loading screens
  • Added a tooltip when you hover over the potion display


  • Improved the visibility of Scavenging Hounds
  • Reduced the damage and duration of poison cloud
  • Improved clarity of Aged Form attack visuals
  • Made Stalaqua more visible


  • The arena now resets every 10 waves, down from ever 20, this should help people who are still having performance issues in there (and more improvements will come)
  • Added barrels to Breir’s Watch
  • Added a stash to The Arena
  • Made many graphics tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many, many typos, thanks to community reporting
  • Fixed tooltips overlapping in the character sheet
  • Fixed crafting slot items doubling up with quick move
  • Fixed some shields giving block block armour instead of block armour
  • Fixed bug where magic greatswords could drop as unique
  • Fixed the distortion effect on Tornado
  • Fixed Hammer Throw node appearances
  • Possibly fixed the lag with shield rush
  • Fixed a bug where the cooldown node on the Erasing Strike tree gave too long a cooldown
  • Fixed a bug where summoned bears did not resist damage that they were supposed to
  • Fixed the Ricochet, Catapult and Disintegrating Aura combo on the hammer throw tree
  • Entangling Roots no longer applies ailments each tick with its damage over time
  • Fixed a bug where the crit multiplier nodes on the Shield Rush tree gave crit chance instead
  • Fixed a bug where Fury Leap's added critical multiplier node was having no effect
  • Fixed a bug where nodes improving Spriggan's auras were not working correctly
  • Fixed affix highlighting in the crafting panel
  • Fixed a bug where nodes could cause Volcanic Orb to have uneven shrapnel
  • Fixed Entangling Roots not scaling with damage over time
  • Fixed a bug where the axis of onslaught on the Void Knight Grid was not granting health leech properly
  • Fixed a bug where Victory Barrier was giving 0.2 ward on kill instead of 20 ward on kill
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Sorry, stupid question:

Where can we download the patches ? here one there kickstarter page is a download link to there lates version

No worries, i did my thing on that page :wink:
So i need a complete new download. Makes sense you’re not yet worrying about patching systems.