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Pre-Alpha Patch Notes

Here’s a quick update mostly for balance, we got some good feedback. Check out the patch notes for the main update if you haven’t already!


  • Adjusted buy and sell values of items
  • Greatly increased randomization for gold drops
  • Sources of minion health regen on items has been increased by about 25%
  • Made 4 mod items slightly rare and 2 mod items slightly more common at early levels


  • Improved Beastmaster fur textures
  • Gold piles generally have smaller visuals now
  • Dialogue windows now scale properly with resolution


  • Pets now resist more damage from various void enemies
  • Pets now takes reduced damage from the protector statue, stalaqua, and grave eaters
  • The bear now has 20% less melee attack speed, but has 50% more melee damage
  • Sources of minion health and minion dodge rating on items and the summon wolf and summon bear skill trees have been increased by about 50%


  • Reduced the stun chance of corrupted statues by 40%, reduced their damage by 15%, and made pets resist their damage
  • Void novas deal 23% less damage
  • Void lasers from aged forms deal 37% less damage
  • Reduced abyssal crawlers' damage by 10%
  • Increased bone fiend health by 67%, reduced the number of bone fiends spawned at once in the arena


  • The health potion now refills when you respawn
  • Lightning charges no longer make an incorrect sound on explosion


  • Fixed a navmesh issue in Sundered Path
  • Fixed at least some instances of a bug that could cause you to be unable to move for a while after using flanking strike
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