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Pre-Alpha 0.4.7 Patch Notes

The release cycle is a bit more rapid this time-- we promised to get a build out last Friday, but there was a lot we were so close to finishing! We have new and improved augment trees for skills, new lighting effects, new sounds and many usability improvements!


  • Added an augment tree for Thorn Totem
  • Added an augment tree for Serpent Strike
  • Added a new Beastmaster skill, Entangling Roots (no tree yet)
  • Changed the Summon Wolf tree
    • The additional wolves node is now accessible earlier (from either the health or speed node)
    • The additional wolves node now grants additional charges, but reduces damage
    • A more melee damage node has been added behind the additional wolves node
  • Changed the Summon Bear tree
    • Added a node that makes briar thorn pierce
    • Added a node that gives briar thorn a 4 second cooldown, but gives the bear 5% more health
  • Added descriptions to claw totem nodes
  • Improved the wording on the descriptions of several skills and skill tree nodes
  • Tweaked appearance of Thorn Totem and Frenzy Totem
  • Updated Reclamation’s icon
  • Added mana nodes to the Beastmaster Passive Grid


  • Added a difficulty selection screen
    • Prompts the player on initial start-up to pick Normal or Veteran difficulty
    • Difficulty can still be changed through the options menu (including masochist)
  • Changed the non-functional autosort button into a button that forces an item “ghosted” on the cursor to drop (though the ghosting bug might have been fixed-- let us know)
  • Re-organized the Character Sheet
  • Slightly increased size of item tooltips
  • Adjusted text appearance
  • Increased the opacity of crafting tooltips
  • Added confirmation panels for deleting characters
  • Replaced blank tooltips in the Character Sheet
  • Changed the color of the Shattering Stone tooltip
  • UI now vanishes during time travel


  • Added volumetric lighting and fog! Improves every level
  • Changed default quality setting to Fantastic
  • Improved Draal Queen's poison VFX
  • Added a death animation to Imperial Necromancers
  • Tweaked visuals of trees and bushes
  • Turned down point lights on several skills

Level Design

  • Made the stairs easier to walk on in Ruins
  • Added a dead Draal Queen to the Ruined Era lair
  • Improved visuals of the last zone
  • Reduced entrance lights in Temple of Eterra
  • Added an idle animation to townspeople
  • Added new dialogues in Breirhold and Cliffs
  • Reworked spawners in cliffs and swamp
    • Slightly increased the size and health of Bristlemaws in Cliffs while reducing their pack size
    • Removed Earth Golems from swamp, replaced them with Trolls
    • Replaced Trolls and some Undead in Cliffs with Phrax
    • Replaced the rare Undead Legionary near the Cliffs waypoint with a rare Imperial Death Knight
  • Updated the ending sequence in the last zone


  • Added UI sounds for:
    • Allocating nodes
    • Specializing
    • De-specializing
    • Placing an item in a slot
    • Crafting
    • Item pickups
    • Generic button presses


  • Shattering Stones can be used directly in the inventory by right clicking on the stone then holding shift and left clicking the item
  • Gave the Omen of Silence a new ability

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the mana cost of lesser glacier
  • Fixed the crit multiplier node on the summon bear tree not doing anything
  • Fixed the angle of homing projectiles
  • Fixed the Passive Grid tooltip flickering
  • Fixed a bug where when you loaded a character it was not always on full health
  • Fixed being able to end up in an inaccessible area after you time travel
  • Potentially fixed items ghosting on the cursor
  • Fixed the delete character button
  • Fixed note at the end of Cliffs
  • Fixed de-specializing in a skill not being saved in some circumstances
  • Fixed Stalaqua in the Underground Lake overlapping with colliders from walls
  • Fixed the position of the “level up skills” text
  • Fixed a bug related to checking whether enemies had a status effect on them
  • Fixed the effect of slow being additive with increased movement speed
  • Fixed being able to go out of bounds in Sundered Path

Join us on Discord to try out the demo for yourself!

The next release might not be as rapid as previous versions, the team has to start getting into Kickstarter mode! We shall see.

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