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Pre-Alpha Patch Notes

The team has been working really hard over the past few weeks to bring you one of the biggest updates so far! We’ve added new models, 2d art, balanced skills, fixed bugs and crashes and much more!


  • Added new Beastmaster model (now with 300% more muscle)
  • Added new armor model for the Beastmaster


  • Added tutorial screens for the Skill and Passive Grid windows
  • Added new Passive Grid visuals
  • Added a confirmation window for despecializing a skill
  • Added a notification for how many shards are created when an item is shattered
  • Added a notification for when an item is fractured during crafting
  • Added new item backgrounds in the inventory
  • Added an indicator for whether a skill has a tree
  • Added a shadow to the offhand slot when a two-handed item is equipped
  • Removed unused stats from Character Stats window
  • Movement speed now displays as a percent increase
  • Stat panel in the Inventory window now functions and has been re-designed
  • Modifier items now say what they are when sitting in the Crafting window
  • Button in Crafting window now changes based on the following conditions:
    • Adding a shard (tells you which affix will be upgraded)
    • Adding a shard when the affix is already maxed out
    • Attempting to add an affix to an item with no room
    • Attempting to add a shard to a fractured item
    • About to shatter an item
  • Removed fracture chance display when Shattering Stone is in the modifier slot
  • Added “This is a Pre-Alpha” screen
  • Added “End of Demo” screen


  • Adjusted damage of Fireball, Lightning Blast Elemental Nova, Thorn Burst and Thorn Totem
  • Thorn Totem no longer "shotguns" enemies
  • You no longer unlock any axis points at levels 3 and 4
  • You now unlock 3 axis points and 1 node point at level 5. Should make the Passive Grid more intuitive
  • You no longer unlock a skill at level 5, you now do unlock a skill at level 9
  • Renamed Ice Shield to Ice Ward
  • Added skill tree for Ice Ward
  • Changed Ice Ward to chill in AoE and give ward regeneration by default
  • Added skill tree for Glacier
  • Changed the fireball tree
    • Added nodes that increase damage against ignited and chilled enemies
    • It is now more difficult to get so many extra projectiles
    • The "Fires in Sequence" node now halves the number of extra projectiles
    • Added a node for heat-seeking fireballs
  • Added three nodes to the Summon Wolf tree
    • Dodge rating
    • Chance to inflict bleeding
    • Increased damage over time
  • Buffed various nodes on the summon wolf tree
  • Added a chance to bleed node to the Beastmaster Passive Grid
  • Updated Fire Shield's AoE texture
  • Changed skill unlock order for Sorcerer - Ice Ward is unlocked before second specialization slot
  • Tweaked appearance of Wolf and Bear


  • Removed Bone Fiends
  • Added Undead Velites (skeleton casters)
  • Updated Varuhn's appearance
  • Updated Undead Necromancers
  • Reworked Varuhn fight
  • Reworked Drowned Mage fight
  • Reworked Undead Necromancers
  • Reworked Ahuizotls
  • Gave the Draal Queen a new ability


  • Added one new unique item
  • Added new art for Shattering Stones and Affix Shards
  • Changed affix limit to 4 (effect on the demo will be small as 5+ affix items rarely dropped, it will make it easier to distinguish 1-4 affix items though)
  • The potion now starts full when you enter the game
  • Added three new item suffixes
    • Increased potion refill rate
    • Added health gained on potion use
    • Increased health gained on potion use
  • Made “more” multipliers on items are more consistent
  • Added a chance to bleed implicit to some axe types


  • Adjusted overall volume of sounds
  • Added randomization for void, draal, wolf multi-attack, fireball cast, blackhole shut, fury leap jump and gold pickup sounds
  • Tweaked attenuation on general fire sound
  • Increased volume of waterfall sound
  • Added stalactite crash sound
  • Added ambient fire sound
  • Changed sound effect for Undead Necromancers

Level Design

  • Made the Ruined Era brighter, especially Sundered Path
  • Made the exit from ruins to temple easier to walk through
  • Removed some objects in levels that obscured the camera
  • Added fade out effect to objects that would obscure the camera
  • Improved NavMesh in several places (should make walking smoother)
  • Removed note from last zone (dialog is given by something else)
  • Added a sparkle effect to notes on the ground


  • Forced memory cleanup before each zone loads
  • Reduced memory allocation per frame
  • Fixed various (mostly minor) memory leaks
  • Demo is now 64-bit. Should help with some memory related crashes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where shards of certain affixes could not be dropped from the inventory
  • Fixed a bug creating items with rarity too high for how many affixes they have
  • Fixed items dropping in mid-air
  • Fixed a whole bunch of equipment interaction problems
  • Fixed affixes persisting in the crafting menu after shattering
  • Fixed dialog boxes automatically closing
  • Fixed a bug where attached ability objects were becoming affected by bloom after using leap abilities
  • Fixed Grave Eaters spawning spectral Bone Fiends instead of spectral Grave Eaters
  • Fixed the ward retention bonus given by Intelligence
  • Fixed a bug causing chill to have no effect
  • Fixed two possible crashes related to entities dying
  • Fixed the Draal Queen creating Grubs in mid-air when targeting a Beastmaster using Fury Leap
  • Fixed items moving from the Inventory to the Crafting window soon after opening the Crafting window
  • Fixed a bug where affix shards were not deleted after they caused an item to fracture
  • Fixed a bug where magic and rare monsters could lose maximum health when afflicted with a status
  • Fixed a bug where maximum health added by the summon wolf tree could be removed when the wolf was afflicted with a status
  • Fixed crafting from eating shards when the shard can't be used
  • Fixed being able to modify uniques
  • Fixed a bug where you could push the omen of silence around at high speed
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