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Pre-Alpha 0.4.4 Patch Notes

Smaller update this time, mostly balance changes and a few fixes. Coming up will be some user experience improvements, a new Beastmaster model and more!


  • Doubled ward decay rate
  • Reduced speed of dodge entropy recovery after a dodge
  • Changed elemental damage affixes to be slightly lower than other increased damage affixes, because they affect three damage types
  • Reduced added lightning damage from Stormbreaker
  • Stormbreaker's added damage no longer applies to spells
  • Reduced amount of ward gained on dodge with Ward Trail
  • Nerfed "chance for lightning strike" node on Lightning Blast's tree
  • Nerfed low tier dodge rating affixes
  • Buffed low tier increased damage affixes
  • Buffed low tier cast speed and melee attack speed affixes
  • Reworked how "more" affixes apply their bonuses
  • Reworked wand base types and implicits


  • Increased magnitude of camera shake events
  • Added a crafting panel button to the bottom screen menu
  • Post-processing and lighting tweaks


  • Added instructions for opening the crafting panel to the shattering stone's description
  • Added difficulty settings
    • You can now change the difficulty to "Veteran" in the settings menu (shortcut: O)
    • On Veteran you will deal 25% less damage and take 75% more damage This scales up with area level; in a level 100 area you will deal 35% less damage and take 150% more damage
    • Your difficulty choice is saved and shared between characters
    • Difficulty choice only affects you so two people with different difficulties will be able to play together in the future
  • Added Stormbreaker lore text, "Strike with the power of the storm"
  • Added two unique items
  • Added the Rampancy monster suffix, which periodically makes the monster grow and become more powerful for 4 seconds, before shrinking down again for 4 seconds
  • Added two new nodes to the thorn burst tree, relating to casting thorn burst when you take a hit
  • Now easier to hit enemies with Basic Attack and Mana Strike


  • Fixed some invisible or oversized colliders that were colliding with projectiles and making movement awkward
  • Fixed a bug that cause characters to be saved in the wrong slots, resulting in characters being overridden
  • Fixed some items having a skewed drop rate
  • Fixed Voidfire Husks teleporting after death
  • Fixed some minions being unable to hit some enemies
  • Fixed a bug where dragging an ability icon opened its ability tree
  • Fixed events triggered by damage being triggered when damage is reduced to 0
  • Fixed not being able to backtrack from the waypoint in the Temple
  • Fixed some crashes (though there are likely more)
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