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Pre-Alpha 0.4.3 Patch Notes

This release is a big one! Lots of visual updates have the demo looking better than ever, our unique Passive Grid system has been implemented, along with a level overhaul and lots of bug fixes and improvements!



  • Added post-processing: lighting levels, ambient occlusion, bloom, color grading
  • Added in Sergey's new enemy health bar and skill panel
  • Different zones now have different loading screen splashes
  • Added tutorial tooltips to the skill and passive screens, like the ones on the crafting panel
  • Added a spotlight over the character so you can see in the dark
  • Added screen shake to some events
  • Sped up monster death animations
  • Added an option to switch off damage numbers
  • Removed the spare sword and shield from the back of skeletons
  • Updated the in-game map


  • Updated lighting of all levels for the new post-processing upgrades
  • The Depths and The Cavern have been removed; The Underground Lake now leads to Trollmud Swamp
  • Rebalanced second half of levels
  • Briarwatch
    • Name changed from Lost Glade
    • Removed clutter from the beginning of the level
    • Removed original quest giving NPC placeholder
    • Additional foliage and grass balancing
    • Added a new bridge
  • Briarhold
    • Name changed from Bridgewood
    • Removed the east gate
    • North area of the city looks more like the main area
  • The Cliffs
    • Changed cliff rocks for better shear drop
    • Adjusted fog levels
    • Created and adjusted bridges
    • Removed some crystals and enhanced others
  • Underground Lake
    • Adjusted color and density of fog
    • Adjusted smoke color and flow
    • Adjusted rocks and textures
  • Trollmud Swamp
    • Removed standing water over the level, added placeholder puddles
    • Added a northern route shortcut
    • Added eastern ruins
    • Additional foliage and grass adjustments
  • Putrid Lair
    • Added a placeholder time travel event after the Draal Queen. The first half of the demo is now in the Imperial Era, the second is in the Ruined Era
    • Added lighting changes between the two eras
    • Added additional details to the Ruined Era
    • Added dead Draal Queen model
  • Sundered Path
    • Added a large graveyard area
    • Added watermill
    • Changed enemies to fit the Ruined Era: Scavenging and Void based enemies
  • The Ruins
    • Drastically shortened the bridge
    • Added better cliffs
    • Added additional, better trees
  • Temple of Eterra
    • Adjusted columns and rocks
    • Better NavMesh around items on the ground
    • Better floor textures
    • Added an invisible barrier before the pit
    • Made the lever for raising the bridge more obvious
  • Eterra's Rest
    • Re-added to the demo
    • Added ending message


  • Intelligence now gives 15% increased elemental damage and 5% ward retention per point (changed from 20% increased elemental damage and 1% reduced ward decay rate per point)
  • Dexterity to 25% increased crit chance and 25 dodge rating per point (changed from 10% increased crit chance and 100 dodge rating per point)
  • Greatly narrowed the range of increased crit chance affixes, the first tier "sharp" now gives 25% - 29% increased crit chance, which should feel more noticeable, and enable higher crit chance to be reached in the demo
  • Drastically reduced monster pull abilities
    • Reduced the pull strength of the ancient golem's tornado by 44%
    • Sightless Abominations now get void meteor instead of void black hole
  • Changed specialisation slots to unlock at levels 4, 9, 19, 34 and 49
  • Nerfed Mourningfrost added cold damage from 10 per agility point to 5
  • Nerfed monsters with the "of the Stag" suffix
  • Reduced added dodge rating affixes by 30%
  • Increased the number of void spectres in ruins
  • Removed void pillars from the void boss arena
  • Reduced the power of lightning blast's ward on cast node
  • Gave the Spriggan summon health regen
  • Frenzy Totem now has a limit of one totem


  • Added the Passive Grid! Read about it here:
  • Added basic damage variance. No more hitting every enemy for 22 damage!
  • Added new ability Ice Shield. Adds more defense than Fire Shield but doesn't shoot projectiles
  • Nodes on skill trees are no longer on right angles to each other
  • Added 8 new nodes to the Fire Shield tree
  • Changed Thicket Blades' visual effect
  • Changed Fire Shield area damage visual effect


  • Added tooltips for unique items
  • Added two new unique items
  • The rarity of dropped items now depends on character level
  • Added a delay for picking up gold for the first 0.5 seconds after it drops


  • Added new Draal attack and on hit sounds
  • Added new Skeleton on hit sounds
  • Added sounds for raising the bridge in the Temple of Eterra
  • Added ambient crow sounds

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed items that were picked up while the inventory was full being deleted. They now stay on the ground
  • Fixed items unequipping when not intended
  • Fixed item tooltips staying open when the inventory closed
  • Fixed item slots changing color when an item hovered over them
  • Fixed items not saving when initially added to inventory
  • Fixed items failing to load when affixes saved incorrectly
  • Fixed items not dropping when rolling a unique on a base type that has no unique items
  • Fixed the nodachi being massive on the ground
  • Fixed a bug where unique items could be shattered, which would delete them
  • Fixed bug that occurred when equipping Mourningfrost


  • Fixed a bug where a Fire Shield node would stop the skill from working
  • Fixed the lightning blast tree not display the number of unspent points
  • Fixed a swipe node that wasn't working properly
  • Fixed an error in ice barrage's description text

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a minion was summoned after its creator died (ex. void pillars in Temple of Eterra)
  • Fixed bug where Added attributes would also modify attribute effect. For example, 9 agility gave 540% increased attack speed
  • Fixed waterfall sounds not being affected by the sound effects slider
  • Fixed the player moving when clicking dialog boxes
  • Fixed a bug where monster deaths were failing to trigger the correct events (skills and summons on death)
  • Fixed a bug that caused monsters and the player to be immune to stuns
  • Fixed UI scaling at different resolutions
  • Fixed crafting menu not updating in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a bug that was causing minions to run on the spot after killing enemies
  • Fixed a bug that was causing minions to fail to deal damage on some slopes
  • Fixed status effects persisting after death



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