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Pre-Alpha 0.4.2 Patch Notes



  • Changed the camera so the player is slightly further up the screen, which should improve visibility while working downwards
  • The respawn screen now shows which ability and enemy you were killed by
  • The skill selection screen now shows locked abilities with their level requirements
  • Ability tooltips now display the ability's tags


  • Added seven new unique items
  • Added new item affixes
    • Tenacity: Resuistance to stuns. Spawns on most items
    • Increased Health: Suffix that can only spawn on body armour
    • Percent of damage dealt to mana before health: Prefix that can only spawn on body armour
    • Increased poison damage: Prefix with the same rolls as other damage types
    • Added melee crit chance: Prefix that can only spawn on weapons, additive with the melee attack's base crit chance, multiplicative with % increased critical strike chance. Displayed as "adds 3% to melee critical strike chance"
    • Added melee physical damage: Prefix that gives flat damage like the implicits. Can only spawn on weapons. Cannot spawn on wands
    • Increased minion physical damage: another scaling option for summoners, a prefix, unlike regular increased minion damage. It has slightly higher values than regular increased minion damage, but won't benefit your vale spirit or vines
    • Chance to poison, ignite, chill, slow or blind
    • Increased dodge rating
  • Changed attack speed affix to melee attack speed
  • Slightly reduced item drop rate
  • Greatly reduced gold drop rate
  • Reduced drop rate of high end magic items
  • Increased drop rate of unique items
  • Melee weapons now have different ranges
  • Movement speed affixes are now 5 to 10% higher and can also spawn on amulets. On average this will result in substantially higher movement speed towards the end of the demo
  • Changed critical strike multiplier on items to % added instead of % increased and allowed it to spawn on weapons
  • Gold now lays flat on the ground
  • Implicits now format similarly to affixes. ".02 BlockChance" is now "+20% Block Chance"

Level Design

  • Added a much nicer water system
  • Lost Glade, Bridgewood, The Cliffs, The Underground Lake and Swamp have been overhauled
    • Adjusted level lengths and paths
    • Added more background details
    • Added new water features
    • Added new particle effects
    • Improved performance
    • Reworked enemy spawns
    • Basically, all-new first four levels
  • Added waterfall sound effects in Lost Glade and The Cliffs
  • Replaced Bristlemaw spawns with Skeletons in Lost Glad and Bridgewood
  • Added a skeleton warrior fighting maximus at the beginning of Lost Glade


  • The Sorcerer now unlocks Ice Barrage at level 10
  • The Sorcerer now has Lightning Blast at level 1 and learns fireball at level 11
  • Lightning Blast now has a 16 node tree, which includes the possibility to make it chain
  • Lightning Blast now targets to the nearest enemy within 5 metres of where you aim
  • Added Serpent Strike, a long range melee attack that poisons on hit and requires a polearm
  • The Beast Master now unlocks serpent strike at level 9
  • Changed Mana Strike graphics and animation, reduced its aoe, and increased its added lightning damage
  • Swipe and Mana Strike now play hit sounds
  • Changed Swipe animation for two-handed weapons (except spears)
  • Basic attacks now make a different sound on hit based on whether you are using a blunt weapon/fists or a bladed weapon

Balance and Performance

  • Abilities now gain additional xp when you level up (they still gain xp when you kill enemies too). This should result in skill level up coinciding with character level up more often
  • Adjusted the xp curve to be much steeper at higher levels. By the end of the demo you should now reach around level 21, instead of around level 25 The level of your abilities by the end of the demo should be roughly the same as they were before
  • Reworked mana regen (base regen is now higher, item values are now lower and gives % increased instead of added)
  • The Draal Queen now has slightly less health and the eggs she spits now travel at varied speeds
  • Enemies that frenzy when allies are slain now gain a larger bonus, which is shorter and no long stacks
  • Hugely improved the performance of item and gold drops
  • Reflective water no longer updates if your fps is consistently below 30
  • Rain collision is now disabled if your fps is consistently below 35
  • Reduced the amount of rain in Lost Glade
  • Improved performance of enemy spawners and AI
  • Improved performance of some monster modifiers
  • Baked lighting on the ship in Lost Glade
  • Many shaders are now preloaded

Other Changes

  • Run animation speeds of players and enemies now scale with movement speed
  • Monsters and summoned creatures now have slightly randomised animation speeds
  • Added the "of shadows" monster suffix which gives a chance to dodge
  • Added an accuracy stat for monsters, which influences how close to their intended target they aim
  • Added a blind status, which reduces accuracy and also debuffs crit chance
  • Ahuizotl now have melee attacks and whirlpool instead of water nova
  • Changed Ravenous Draal (medium sized melee draal) so that it no longer poison or slows on hit and now frenzies when hit
  • Dodging projectiles no longer destroys them as if you had failed to dodge

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the enemy health bar at the top of the screen would not properly empty if the enemy or ally you had last moused over died while your mouse was not over them
  • Fixed one-handed sword art being stretched in the inventory
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating more than ten characters
  • Items' tooltips now correctly display their implicit properties
  • Fixed inventory grid squares permanently changing colour after having an item in them
  • Fixed the close button in the skill tree menu
  • Fixed ability charges displaying incorrectly when an ability had more than one maximum charge
  • Fixed skills showing as on cooldown when you loaded a character with an equipped skill that had more than one maximum charge

Stats and Staus Effects

  • Fixed some bugs where monsters had lost certain stats (e.g. earth golem had lost its lightning protection)
  • Fixed a bug where slowness debuffs didn't do anything
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon sometimes failed to added damage to your attacks or spells
  • Fixed a bug that caused increased stun chance to have no effect
  • Fixed a bug where negative damage taken would be gained as ward
  • Fixed a bug where damage taken from mana before life could be applied over 100%
  • Fixed a bug that prevented modifiers to crit chance and crit multiplier from working
  • Fixed a bug where mana could go above maximum when the maximum changes

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where enemies that frenzy could frenzy allies when they die
  • Fixed a bug where medium sized draal had hitboxes that were too small
  • Fixed a bug where item type properties could be changed when an item of that type was created
  • Fixed a bug where summoneded wolves could not dieFixed a bug where protective abilities did not correctly apply armour or protection
  • Fixed a bug where meteor could fail to hit the ground and explode at particularly high fall speed and/or particularly low fps
(Originally released January 14th, 2018.)
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