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Pre-Alpha 0.4.11 Patch Notes

It’s good to be releasing a demo again! The main highlight here is the Necromancer of course, but we have a ton of changes for people who don’t have access! There is now re-mappable keybinds, toggleable enemy and minion health bars, command queuing, the new Focus skill, new unique items, updated UI, skill tree changes, balance, bug fixes and more!

New Features

  • Added the Necromancer, accessible by all Kickstarter supporters at or above the Pathfinder tier! Many aspects will be iterated over time, just like the other classes. For instructions, check here:
    • Comes with 15 skills (the first five have trees)
      • Rip Blood: Deals physical damage to an enemy and restores 10 health to you
      • Summon Skeleton: Assemble an army consisting of a few types of skeletons
      • Sacrifice: Destroys an allied minion to deal physical damage over an area
      • Marrow Shards: Fires a circle of projectiles that deal physical damage and pierce enemies. Costs health instead of mana to cast.
      • Summon Wraith: Wraiths quickly lose health over time, but home in to attack enemies
      • Wandering Spirits: Reveals spirits that walk randomly, dealing necrotic damage and disappear after 5 seconds
      • Aura of Decay: While active you take 50% less poison damage and deal poison damage to yourself. Enemies near you or who cross a trail you set take poison damage
      • Defile: Consumes all corpses in a target area and grants you ward
      • Mark for Death: Causes enemies in an area to take 30% increased damage for 8 seconds
      • Hungering Soul: Possesses an enemy, dealing necrotic damage over 2 seconds
      • Transplant: Create a new body at target location, leaving behind your old one to explode and deal physical damage
      • Summon Bone Golem: A large minion that attacks slowly and retaliates with a bone nova after taking 70 damage
      • Cremate: Burns a corpse to deal fire damage in an area and raises a burning skeleton
      • Exhume: Raises 3 corpses from the ground, which can be used by other skills
  • Implemented mappable key bindings
    • Added a new window to the options menu to change keybinds
    • Keybinds for ability slots now update based on what keybind is set
    • Changed default keybindings for abilities and potion to QWER and 1 respectively (left click and right click are still used by default for movement and a 5th skill)
  • Added a toggleable setting for health bars that hover above minions and/or enemies
  • Added command queueing
    • If you attempt to use an ability or move within the last 0.5 second of an ability animation the action will occur at the end of the animation, if it is not overridden by a different action
    • Attempting to use an ability or move while stunned will queue the action for after the stun ends


  • Added Focus, a new Sorcerer skill. Focus is a channelled ability that massively increases mana regeneration while channeling
  • Partially reworked Mana Strike’s tree
    • Changed the location of several nodes
    • Added 2 new nodes (increased area and additional mana on hit while out of mana)
    • Changed the Mana Tide node to give a 4 second cooldown (up from 3 seconds) and double your mana gained on hit (from +10 mana on hit)
  • Tempest must now be channelled for at least 0.2 seconds before it can be cancelled
  • Added 5 new nodes to the fireball tree, including one that turns it into a channelled skill
  • Moved a couple of nodes on the fireball tree
  • Increased the value of shock effect nodes, especially at higher tiers
  • Wolves, Bears and Spriggans now resist enemy meteors
  • Sorcerer now unlocks Innervate at level 17
  • Changed Meteor's damage
    • Increased base damage by 20%
    • All base damage is now fire (previously it was 67% physical)
    • Added damage applies at 300% effectiveness (up from 100%)
  • Changed Glacier’s damage
    • Increased base damage by 20%
    • Added damage applies at 200% effectiveness to the last explosion (up from 100%)
  • Adjusted the ward gained on kill nodes on the Sorcerer Grid
    • Proc chance increased to 25% from 20%
    • Ward gained reduced by 20% - 33% (varies from node to node)
  • Increased the mana cost of Volcanic Orb from 55 to 60
  • The ward retention node on the Sorcerer Passive Grid now grants 20% ward retention (up from 15%)
  • The intelligence axis on the Sorcerer Grid now grants 1 intelligence every 4 points (down from 1 every 3 points) and 4 health per point (up from 3 per point)
  • Made several changes to the Primalist Grid
    • Added a new node that gives minion melee attacks added lightning damage and shock chance
    • Changed the increased physical damage node and minion health regen node to apply to both the player and their minions
    • Moved a few existing nodes
  • Fire shield's visual effect no longer rotates
  • Removed Attack, AoE and Projectile tags from skills (not necessary, less noise)
  • Amended Rive's tags
  • Amended Shield Throw's tooltip
  • Amended Dark Fissure's tooltip
  • Improved the performance of summoning skills


  • Added Stormtide unique boots
    • 120% chance to shock with lightning skills
    • 120% increased shock effect
    • 20% increased movement speed
    • You are shocked for 4 seconds when you stop moving (your shock effectiveness does not apply to this shock)
  • Added Snowblind unique helmet
    • Cold damage has 20% chance to blind
    • Adds 80 cold protection
    • Adds 40 armor
    • You cannot be blinded
  • Added Grimoire of Necrotic Elixirs unique tome
    • Adds 2 vitality
    • 60% more dark protection for 4 seconds on potion use
    • Adds 40 necrotic damage to hits for 4 seconds on potion use
    • 5% of current health drained per second for 4 seconds on potion use
  • Added The Fang unique amulet
    • Adds 50 maximum life
    • Adds 1 additional maximum wolf
    • 20% increased minion damage per active wolf
  • Added Doublet of Onos Tull unique chestpiece
    • Minion melee attacks have 40% additional chance to bleed
    • Minions take 15% increased damage
    • Adds 60 health
  • Updated unique art for Humming Bee, Rahyeh’s Light, Ring of the Third Eye, Ward Trail, Urzil’s Pride, Titan Heart, Bone Harvester, Calamity and Draalsting.
  • Nerfed Torch of Pontifex
    • Increased increase to fire damage taken from 10% to 15%
    • Reduced cremation chance from 100% to 20%
  • Tweaked Bone Harvester
    • Increased added melee necrotic damage from 20 to 25
    • Reduced chance to summon skeleton from 100% to 15%
  • Nerfed The Monolith: reduced block chance changed from 25% to 40%
  • Removed Tome of the Elements elemental damage stat
  • Draalsting now grants 100% additional melee poison chance and 20% additional global poison chance, instead of 120% additional melee poison chance
  • The Lagonian Hammer base type no longer increases lightning damage, but now adds a flat amount of melee lightning damage and grants a chance to shock
  • Adjusted rings and amulets
    • Added Gold Rings that increase elemental protection by 5% to 20%
    • Added Brass Amulets that increase cast speed by 5% to 15%
    • Jade Amulets now increase melee attack speed and throwing attack speed, rather than attack and cast speed
    • Recoloured the sprites of Copper Rings, Ruby Rings, Copper Amulets, Jade Amulets, and Silver Amulets
  • Buffed shields (including block armour and block elemental protection affixes)
  • Buffed 2h weapons
  • Added a flat health regen prefix that has a high chance of spawning on body armour, shields, and amulets
  • Added a melee stun chance suffix that has a high chance of spawning on melee weapons


  • Added new designs for Inventory, Stash and Character Sheet windows (mostly aesthetic improvements)
  • Add support for minions having a single card showing their number rather than individual cards showing their health. The following minions will now display with one card no matter how many you have:
    • Thorn Totems
    • Minions summoned by the Bone Harvester unique item
    • Minions summoned by the Torch of the Pontifex unique item
    • Skeletons (separated by warrior and mage)
  • Added an option to change item name lengths:
    • Short shows no affixes
    • Normal shows a maximum of one prefix and one suffix
    • Long shows all prefixes and suffixes
  • Tweaked item tooltip appearances
  • The option for displaying affix dots now updates existing items on the ground
  • Changed the experience bar to have a more defined end point
  • Switched to blinear filtering for skill tree connection sprites, to make them look smoother
  • Changed scaling algorithm for character selection badges
  • Updated the screen at the end of the demo


  • Buffed many minions
    • Increased minion aggro range by 8%
    • Increased Primal Wolf health and regen by 30%
    • Increased Primal Wolf movement speed by 17%
    • Increased Primal Bear health and regen by 25%
    • Increased Primal Bear movement speed by 4%
    • Increased Primal Serpent health by 40%
    • Increased Primal Serpent movement speed by 11%
  • Monsters with the "of shadows" modifier have 14% less dodge rating
  • Fire Golems now use a visual indicator that is different from the player’s
  • The Leap Attack used by Bristlemaws and Primal Wolves now has a particle effect and deals 140% more damage. The Bristlemaw version is now slower and easier to dodge, especially if you move perpendicular to the leap
  • Bristlemaws now leap from slightly further away
  • Rare Volatile Bristlemaws can now have the leap attack ability
  • Rare Infested Bristlemaws can now have the leap attack ability
  • Increased magic monster health by 7%, and damage by 4%
  • Increased rare monster health by 45%, and damage by 11%
  • Increased the Draal Queen's health by 25% and damage by 15%
  • Slightly increased the power of Phrax, Thicket Crawlers and Zerrick's Hand


  • Increased the duration of stuns on players to 0.4 to match the duration of stuns on monsters and minions
  • Doubled the base effect of shock (it now reduces tenacity and elemental protection by 100, up from 50)
  • Improved performance of movement system, especially in situations where there are lots of enemies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed saving bugs with the Void Knight Passive Grid
  • Fixed the chaining lesser ice novas from the Elemental Nova tree having incorrect scaling (they previously had very low base damage, but pretty high added damage scaling, these have both been normalised)
  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Reversal could resurrect you
  • Fixed some sources of Elemental Protection applying at twice the stated value
  • Fixed the Void Knight unlocking two skills at level 16 (Dark Fissure is now unlocked at level 17)
  • Fixed a bug where some implicits would not be rounded correctly
  • Fixed many node descriptions. And there are undoubtedly more to fix.
  • Fixed a bug where Calamity gave increased ignite chance rather than flat ignite chance
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would drop too much loot if they were damaged again in the same frame as they were killed. This bug was most noticeable with the chaining lesser ice novas from the Elemental Nova tree.
  • Fixed a major bug with pulling abilities where pull distance could vary based on fps
  • Fixed a bug where Intelligence was still giving increased elemental damage instead of increased spell damage
  • Fixed the wording on the Thorn Shield re-creation chance node
  • Fixed a bug where summoning multiple minions at once could ignore minion limits
  • Fixed a bug where the node on Fireball’s tree that caused an additional ignite did not correctly cause an additional ignite
  • Fixed a bug where the protection reduction from shock would only apply to lightning protection
  • Fixed ambient occlusion related flickering in the swamp
  • Fixed a bug where melee minions would behave incorrectly around the draal queen
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[quote]Bold skills currently have trees.[/quote]
None of them are bold for me :/

Hmmm. I don’t know why it’s not showing up. Regardless, Rip Blood, Summon Skeleton, Sacrifice, Marrow Shards and Summon Wraith have trees.



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Cannot download the Necro I get Access Restricted here :



I get the same access restricted.


We are extremely sorry about this!

Could you please try again now?

Logged out and in…always restricted XD

It’s okay now.

F5 is my best friend :slight_smile:




Hrm, might take another minute or two to filter through.

Please let us know if it changes soon - if not, we’ll look into it further for you.

The access issues should be fixed now. If you’re still having issues let us know at the support site and we’ll get you sorted!

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Thanks for all the hard work. Also a side note, not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but the new unique Doublet of Onos Tull makes me think there are some fans of the Malazan book series in the devs. Which is awesome.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!


That wasn’t our inspiration for the name, but that series looks quite interesting, might just check it out this summer!

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I cant recommend it highly enough if you like fantasy epics.

Also for reference this is the character that I thought it was a reference to.


\o/ new stuff to play with

I can’t access the necromancer either. Will email support as well.