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Pre-Alpha 0.4.1 Patch Notes



  • Added a new inventory panel
  • Added a new crafting panel
  • Updated quests panel to new style
  • Added a basic overlay map, toggled with the tab key
  • Minimap shape can be toggled with the [ key
  • Added tooltips to crafting panel
  • Added tooltip descriptions for non-equipment items
  • Changed locations of levels on the world map
  • Updated tooltips for armor


  • Added support for unique items as well as the first unique, Decayed Skull
  • Item affixes can now be restricted to particular item types
  • Item implicits now have ranges
  • Implicits are now compared between items
  • Added percentage values now display on items


  • Reduced health of enemies and increased player speed to shorten the demo
  • Melee skills now have little base damage, but weapons now give more added melee damage
  • Reworked undead enemies
    • All types of Bone Fiend now use melee attacks and have a different attack animation
    • Heroic Bone Fiends gain access to bone shard instead of resurrect
    • Dark Fiends have been replaced by Cremated Bone Fiends, which retaliate with ash mortar
    • Imperial Necromancers have been replaced by Imperial Acolytes in early levels, which do not cast shields
    • Void Touched Necromancers have been replaced by Imperial Necromancers

Other Changes

  • Added a skill tree to Meteor (work in progress)
  • The Mage now unlocks Static Orb at level 6
  • Water no longer reflects rain (performance improvement)
  • Decreased impact of lightning and rain on performance
  • Added a new final room to the demo

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some particles causing the UI to flash
  • Fixed the visual effects of swipe
  • Fixed incorrect wording on increased damage nodes for skills and passives


  • Fixed characters appearing to have a weapon with none equipped
  • Fixed affix comparisons showing when the difference is zero
  • Fixed items not visually equipping when a character is loaded
  • Fixed affix values rounding incorrectly


  • Fixed changing zones causing animations for one-handed weapons to be used with a two-handed weapon equipped
  • Fixed a boss being impossible to hit with some skills
  • Fixed enemies having too much fire or lightning protection
  • Fixed some enemies being killed in mid-air
  • Fixed Void Meteor Shower using normal meteors
  • Fixed Tornado and Black Hole pulling too strongly
  • Fixed a bug preventing summons from regenerating health
  • Fixed a bug causing health regeneration to sometimes be negative
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from being stunned
  • Fixed the player moving when a skill icon is dragged
(Originally released on December 17th, 2017. Now that the forums are up, I’ve added these notes here)
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