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Prayer Aegis-what exactly is heal)


What exactly counts as ‘heal’, especially for prayer aegis? I somehow get here and there hp back during fights but it never triggers prayer aegis, even when I’m ofc below the endurance treshold.

Leech and life on hit aren’t heals, Healing Hands, baseline Smite does a heal in an aoe on hit, the Holy Symbol Pally passive is a heal on block, Sigils of Hope’s Faith and Well of Light nodes are heals, Judgement’s Consecrated Ground is a heal but there used to be a bug where heals over time wouldn’t proc Prayer and I can’t remember if that was fixed (same with Javelin’s Holy Trail) but Holy Eruption should work. Ring of Shields can be spec’d for a heal, but that’s your minions healing, not you so that won’t work.

Those are most of the heals the Sentinel has off the top of my head. But the main things are that leech/life on hit don’t count (they are their own things) and you need to have regained health for Prayer to proc.

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Aight perfect, now I know why my haste never triggert, thanks