Potions being used during Alt-Tab

Anytime you do not have the game window in focus, once you go back to the game window it uses a potion. It doesn’t matter if alt-tabbing, or mouse clicking out and back in. It doesn’t matter if you have the escape menu or inventory or stash or seller menu up - it will use a potion every single time.

What were you doing at the time:
There is not a specific location this triggers, or any specific circumstances other than having another window focused, then bringing the game back to the focus window.

How consistently does this happen:
Every time you bring the game window back into focus.

DxDiag, graphicsmanager.ini, and player-prev.log files are attached.

I have two monitors and I go back and forth between the game and other things consistently. Losing a potion every single time I do so, is incredibly frustrating, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the circumstance is. Anytime another window is focused, and I come back to the game, I hear that glug sound of a potion being used.

Last Epoch.zip (28.9 KB)

…and now it’s not happening after a log out and back in. I wonder if my controller button was being held down or something.

Anyway, i’ll post if it happens again, but most likely i’m just a dumb-dumb.

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