Potion find stat bug

I think that something is wrong with item affix chance to find a potion:

First of all if i stack it on items it does not show up in stat window(my chance to find potions there is 0, regarding of how much pots i have). But its just a minor thing.

When i have Bulwark node on forge guard that gives +200% chance to find a pot and i drink it, it actually shows in stat window 200% chance to find pot!!! Now if i use an item that gives chance to find a potion AND a passive it works AS A MULTIPLIER , so with 1 65% affix and 200% passive i get 330%. not 265% chance to find a potion shown in my stat window.

The last thing is that passive actually gives much more potions than pot affix, i tried on my lich 4 t5 chance to find potions which gives over 240%in total , and i could not sustain potion buffs in combat, while i can do it with forge guard with just 200% passive and no items.

Please look into it, and hope you can buff how this affix work on items, cause sacrificing 4 prefixes for 240% chance is quite a heavy investment but it feels like it barely does anything, i ran out of potions if i use 1 pot every 4-8 sec on arenas with high density.

conclusion: i think that there is some hidden base chance of finding potions and the affix works multiplicative with it, thats why i get 0 in stats, cause base chance is 0 and 330 instead of 265 with passive. Hope its a bug and it should work additively not multiplicatively

The stat being shown in the character stats window is “increased chance to find potions”. The way potions drop is more complicated than a flat chance at certain points, so instead we grant a stat that acts as a multiplier. Compare to something like “increased ward retention”.

That being said, there are some bugs with how the display currently works, and I have it noted down for us to look into.

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