Potential Scaling Bug for Sabretooth

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What went wrong?

When I was testing to see what scales pet damage to see what I should be stacking on gear for pet damage I noticed that it appears that the Sabretooth skill is scaling with the Primalist stats and not the minion stats like it should be according to the tooltip. In the screenshots, I included the sheet damage numbers for the Sabretooth skill based on a base of a white longsword and then using another one with one affix to check the damage changes. When a minion melee damage affix is equipped, the Sabretooth skill damage does not increase, however when using the affixes of “Increased Physical Damage”, “Increased Melee Damage”, and “% Increased Physical Damage” (not the minion versions), it does increase.

Not sure if this is a bug, a tooltip error, or simply me misunderstanding the scaling, but hopefully this helps with fixing any potential issues.

Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable
https://imgur.com/a/UqwQJUX - Screenshots of testing