Potential Loot Filter Issue?

I have been trying to work out what has happened here for over an hour. I got a sceptre that dropped with a “33% Increased Minion Damage” under the base item component at the top of the item tooltip, that will not display on the ground. This is clearly because this is not in the prefix or suffix sections from the middle to the bottom of the item tooltip. The lootfilter is not looking at the base item stats at all from what I can tell.

What am I missing? is there no way to filter items from the base item stats?

All I want is for anything with the word “minion” to show up on the ground.

Thanks in advance.

There is, but Implicits (the inherent stats on base type items) and affixes are seperated.

There is very likely no minion affixes on this item and you might hide items that are not specifically shown through some other rules or you have a hide rule for this item type.

There are a few weapon sub types that have minion related stuff, but I would only filter by affixes early on.

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I have gone very basic. I have 2 rules.

First one, the top one for all affixes associated with the word “minion” as typed in the top of the affix search box. This produces 53 affix results. With at least one of the affixes displayed on the item.

Second rule is to hid all norm/magic/rare items.

This shows any affix or suffix with the word minion correctly on the ground. But the problem is the scepter has the 33% minion damage at the top of the item above the suffix/prefix sections. This is why the item with minion damage is not being shown on the ground


So there is no way to currently show this base stat stuff?

There is, you can use the Condition Item Type
When you only select one item type you can select sub item types

Also as a tip, the way oyu setup your filter will not be very good, yo ustill need non minion related stuff on yoru gear, some gear pieces might not even have any minion stats, but are still very good for your build.

Yes, I understand all the other situational or hypothetical stuff you mention about build related stats, that’s fine. I think you explained it when you mentioned the conditional stuff. Ill give that a try, talk about overcomplicating something that doesn’t need to be that hard(developer effort).

A short time later…

Thanks for your help, that fixed it :smiley: