Potential bug with Rogue/Bladedancer Shift and Synch Strike

Occasionally, when you shift or synch strike you get stuck in a standing animation. You can still use other skills but are stuck with no stun or other debuff indicators.
Ex. You use Shift, you may get stuck in place, you can still use things like Shadow Cascade but can’t move. After a few seconds you can synch strike or shift to move from that position.

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Confirming this on my end. Using Shift often results in a derpy stutter-step fit which locks the character up in one place for a couple of seconds. Player.log attached below.
Player.log (141.9 KB)

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I confirm this as well, i would really appreciate a fix because this will get me killed many time at high corruption

Also Happens to me, rogue is unplayable. Either character freezes before the skill procs or stutters in place after. if I let go of mouse right before I shift and click it again a moment after I shift the stutter doesn’t happen

can confirm very annoying roque + shift. If mouse is not pressed while pressing shift, it doesnt happen. Should be fixed soon, makes roque unplayable.