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Posted in wrong topic, ignore this

Not sure why but the game is soft crashing whenever I try to enter an echo, tried multiple echos now and just getting a crash each time.

Strangely it seems creating a new character, then deleting the new character then logging back over to my main cleared up whatever issue it was. Will report back here if it happens again.

Scratch that, it’s still happening. Not sure why, I have the game’s settings set really low and it’s using almost none of my vram and barely any of my CPU. I was streaming the first time but I’ve shut down OBS since and it’s still happening whenever trying to enter echos. Kind of bummed out, been wanting to start streaming LE for a week or so now and finally got set up to do it and it wants to act up. Had a couple test streams throughout the week and had no issues at all, even streamed for about 4 hours one day to test my settings and never any issues.

I’ll backup my saves and try a reinstall for now I guess.

Sorry I accidentally posted this under Customer Service as well, if a mod could migrate it to Technical Support that would be awesome.

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