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(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

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Maybe because there are many bleed-supporting unique. Players want to use these uniques. Maybe.

i tried using ruby fang set which lets you stack ridiculous amount of poison very fast.
the results were … underwhelming.
not sure why, so i’m interested in the answer to your question.

You never would, atleast if all you cared about was doing the most damage possible.

Just like you would straight up basically never use ignite unless you wanted to.

Other then that, there is restrictions in how you build. For example if you wanna stack ward by attacking really fast with humming bee, you cant go poison as well as bleed, because bleed chance idols are per sword equipped vs the poison ones which are for daggers, passives also echo this.

So basically if you want to use a unique sword, you most likely are gonna want to go bleed as you are just going to find more synergies in general.

I think comparing ailments with just raw math wont ever work because you will never able make them balanced unless you make them exactly the same. Theme and build around matter, and poison just so happens to be OP, does not mean you cant succeed with other stuff.

Poison’s resist reduction is the only part lowered on bosses, not the base damage.

DiceDragon says it pretty much, but this game isn’t difficult enough to require people to make the mathematically optimal choice every time. Not to say that there isn’t tough content like 1k corruption/arena, but a player can easily do 300+C on bleed or poison so it really just comes down to what they like thematically/have the items for.

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It isn’t directly, but it doesn’t have quite the same relationship with shred that poison does.

For either thematic reasons or if you’re going DW axe/sword (due to the Weapons of Choice passive) or Sword/Sword (for bleed chance per sword). But if you just care about maximum dps, poison is always going to win out. There have been many, many threads requesting stuff to be done to give the other ailments something else.

Not really, the main one is Plague Bearer’s Staff which doesn’t really fit for a Rogue.

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Vipertail is a good belt for even non-poison builds, but bleed builds have a comparable option in Thorn Slinger. Acidfletch is trash.

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No, IMO Viper Tail is decent though given the Rogue’s prodigious amount of poison chance, poison damage, attack speed (for some skills) & % dodge, a rare/exalted belt focussed on defences may be more useful overall.

For Acid Fletch, I’ve never really used Hail of Arrows.

@Llama8 even without playing Hail of Arrows, the bow is an absolute mess mechanically. 2 good stats for a poison build, a conversion that fits thematically but does nothing the skill tree node is strictly better, and 2 armor shred stats that do nothing for poison.

Yeah, I can only assume that it’s a bit of a hybrid (hit/ailment) bow. shrugs

Not to mention Hail of Arrows is channeled and doesn’t actually “hit”, making all the “poison on hit” stuff pretty useless.

If you are playing full dot dps, then poison hands down.

If you are playing physical melee or spell, bleed is a logical choice as a supplementary dmg, since inc physical dmg will benefit both.

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