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(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Not sure how you get to 10.6k but in principle, yes. It just depends on the multiplier per charge.

(post deleted by author)

It’s unlikely to be a 100% multiplier per charge, but we’d need a dev to give us the figure.

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It’ll be 300% more damage, not increased damage. Quite a big difference.

The skill is bugged in more ways than one, I wouldn’t suggest using it at all.

As of now, 100 stacks explicitly means x1.0 multiplier to damage. While 50 stacks means x0.5 multi, and 0 stacks means x0 multi.
I.e. with 0 stacks you literally do 0 damage. You can test it.

Right now the skill is not worth for anything else other than Lightning Blast auto-cast. End even in THAT role it’s kinda trash, because, aparently, it has an internal cooldown on proc (something like 1.5 seconds). So if you like me though that you can make a build that’s gonna generate a crapload of static charges and auto-machinegun LBs – it doesn’t work. You’re just sitting there at max stacks, waiting for ICD.