Possible bugged wall - Rogue dashed through

I inadvertently was able to dash through this wall with a Rogue. Usually the Rogue cannot move through solid terrain with this ability. I did not try other classes.

See the clip for the example.

I was able to backflip through small walls before. Apparently you have to have exactly maximum blink or jump distance to the target location to pull it off. Only have been able to reproduce this on Rogue

Link for reference: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/849972916

Walls aren’t as impermeable as you may think…

Wish I could do this in real life.

Wanted to add another. In this case, an Eber goes through a wall to charge me.

Yeaha, it’s walls in general, not specific issues with specific walls. From memory, the only ones that it shouldn’t be an issue with are ones where it’s two walls separated by a void in the map/zone.

Right, the point was more that it applies to mobs as well, not just PCs.

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