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Possible Bug with Wraith Binder Hungering Souls Damage?

Operating System:Windows 7

Detailed description:
My necromancer was lvl 72 with around 800 life and about 500 necrotic protection. However it was instantly killed in less than a tenth of a second when touched by one Hungering Soul skull. I also had 10% reduced all damage from a unique. I just dont understand how a character specifically as strong as possible against necrotic damage could be killed that quickly.
What were you doing at the time?
Wave 260ish on the arena. Staying off to the side of my minions fighting.
How consistently does this happen?

Your system information:

Your log file:

Thank you for the report!

Can you please confirm that this is issue is still happening in the current version of the game? If you’ve created a shortcut to the game’s executable file (e.g. on your taskbar), then that’ll mean bypassing the Launcher and the game not being updated.

I can attest it has happened to me on more than one occasion since you have replied to the poster above, when I play my Sentinel character. I don’t have a log to share at the moment, been playing other classes lately. I avoid those Wraith Binders like the plague in arena, and throw summons at them to distract their hungering souls skill. I believe it isn’t the generic one that does it, but the special one that has the green geysers that can just dominate you randomly in the arena.

Its definitely the current version of the game.

And for me it was also the special one that instantly killed me. Normally I don’t even mind being instantly killed at high wave numbers. However, it seems a bit much when its a long ranged homing attack:)

Happened again on my number 1 hc ladder character haha. So yes I’m a bit bitter. Sadly I have to switch to softcore until wraith binders are nerfed as they should be. Had 900+ life with 700ish necrotic protection. Still nearly instant death. Again from a rare wraith binder. I even specifically geared and choose passive points to protect from them. My gear was extremely strong built up over a very long time playing the alpha. I could basically face roll every other monster in the game. Including 15 thralls charging me at once haha. There shouldnt be such a huge power level difference from monster monster.

I think you guys arent prioritizing this issue enough. It basically kills all possibility of enjoying hc arena wave competition because it’s basically impossible to avoid for some builds like void knights. Basically every class that gets high in waves uses minions or black hole to keep themselves away from the rare wraith binders. Thats the only thing deciding how high people can farm waves. One exception i can think of is using teleport and high leech as a spell binder for example to get instantly on top of the rare wraith binder and stun/freeze/dps it down before you get insta wrecked.

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