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Possible Bug: Lagon's "Click"-box is crazy huge

Hello, I play a Spellblade that runs Firebrand and Surge. I faced Lagon in the Lvl 75 timeline and died because I couldn’t move in time. I was clicking on the platform but my character attacked Lagon instead. I have Move + Attack on Firebrand. I’ve attached pics to show times when I tried to move by clicking somewhere on the platform but it instead chose to attack Lagon.

Note that my cursor is about where my FB and Aura intersect, in the middle of the platform.

Lagon’s hitbox is a very well known issue.

Have they addressed this issue already?

Evidently not.

Pain. Thanks for letting me know anyways.

He also can’t be targetted by Charge and certain other movement skills, rendering some builds unable to even fight him.

I know what you mean. Had to respec out of Firebrand and into ShatterStrike just so I could reliably land some hits.

It’d be nice to at least get acknowledgement that they’re aware of the issue and working on it. Reminds me of Sirus in POE with all the bugs.

We can only hope. I’m still under the impression that they’re doing a pretty good job and I’m still having fun so far. Just started playing a lot safer on Lagon, sticking to the sides and all.