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Poor choice in loot filter storage

I’m not a fan of the loot filters being stored in %appdata%. This is a very obscure location that is even hidden by default and (IMHO) should never be used for any kind of data that someone would want to back up. I just formatted my PC, and while all my characters survived (due to steam cloud) all my filters are gone.

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Hm, i think i don’t agree.

I really does not matter where it’s saved, since you can easily access it via a button from ingame means (which opens the windows explorer to the specific location)

Yes, that path is hidden by default, but i don’t this this makes it “less visible” (no pun intended), since i wouldn’t really matter where the games saves it, if you want to back it up, you will probably need to manually save it anyway.

I mean, at the end i personally don’t mind where it’s save, i just think the location does not make any difference.

windows 10 installs usually set themselves up to run onedrive on my documents and my save games, so if user data is stored there, it’s backed up default. And that’s the key: an item filter is not app data, it’s user data.
Even if you disregard user vs app data and that almost every game stores stuff like that in my documents, then %appdata%, beyond just being very difficult to find, is also a hassle and a half to navigate if you do remember to look through it when doing a manual back up.
Your entire post seem to be mostly about why you don’t care, but I don’t see a single good reason why the files need to be stored in that location.

I agree completely. It was going to be part of my feedback post but I haven’t gotten around to it yet due to the new patch. These are user files, not app files as you mentioned Vanquesse.

Loot Filter, local save files, (and screenshots once that hopefully comes), should be stored in My Documents\My Games\Last Epoch

%APPDATA% is, personally, a horrible place to store personal files.

Actually it does matter. I tend to agree with OP on this.

It’s totally fine, that this matters for some people and for me it doesn’t make a difference.
So even if they change the loaction, it still doesn’t make a difference for me :smiling_imp:

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Ditto. Nothing worse than doing a reinstall and trying to find out where the hell everything you need to backup has been saved… and invariably, you miss something - especially appdata type stores…

So if the save files & filters aren’t app data, what would you concider app data to save there?

those are user data. App data is stuff like temporary files, caches, data needed for patch rollback and similar.
Any file that contains any significant amount of user choice or work is user data and should never ever be stored in a location hidden by default.

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