Pontifex Aurelus : no damage dealt (me or ennemies) - video


I started the fight against Pontifex Aurelus with my Paladin, and after ~10 seconds, a huge grey/black AOE appeared around my character and then ennemies as well as my character became (almost) immune to any damage.

I was able to stand still and took litteraly no damage, while able to only deal damage 1 by 1.

Here is the video : Last Epoch : Pontifex Aurelus bug - YouTube

I logged out to the character selection and come back and it was fine.

Have a good day.

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Yip… Thats a known bug with Sigils of Hope (and possibly its interaction with other Sentinel Skills like Holy Aura)…

If you search for it you will see lots of other reports of the same issue.

Devs know about it, but dont have a fix for it yet… apparently hard to resolve because its not possible to cause it to happen on demand…

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