Poison rain of arrows + Aim for the heart

Hi So I’m just looking and planning out a poison bow rogue, and I’m wondering about the Acid rain node. A lot of other nodes of this type in the game also include a line about changing effects which predicate off the unconverted effect to now work with the new converted effect. Acid rain does not have any text, so does Aim for the heart with with poison if you have Acid rain allocated? I think it should for consistency, Though if this is for balance maybe the tree should be reorganized so that you can’t actually take both nodes instead of just having it not work when the majority of other nodes in the game like this would work.

Keep in mind, I don’t know if it works, so this could be considered feedback on confusing messaging if it does work.

If you discuss skill nodes it’s always ncie to post a picture of them or at least give their tooltip, so everybody can participate here, without the need to log into the game or look at 3rd party sites.

Now to your question:
Aim for the heart still works with Acid Rain, you only need to apply them bleeds form a different source.

Yes there are other conversions from other skills, that also change conditional affects and this has up and downsides.
I don’t think this should be “consistent”, because sometiems it’s cool and sometimes it’s not.
Given a littel bit of variety to these affects doesn’t make them to homogenized.

Because you are requried to apply bleeds stacks from anotehr source, if you take both nodes I personally find this way mroe interesting.

https://imgur.com/a/oL5js4D here you go.

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