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Poison mitigation ot Block

Hello Guys,

While I was leveling there was a point in game where I was dying like crazy from poison DMG and I saw that there is no Poison mitigation ot Block. Is this by design?LE

Thanks in advance

Yes DoT cannot be blocked. And imo it makes sense.

But is all poison DMG a DoT? I mean if you get hit by fire based attack there is a chance to get burned, thus having a Ignite DoT, however you are still blocking the Fire DMG.

Also what about area of effect skills, if I’m standing in a burning area will my block apply?

I can’t say for sure but I didn’t see any poison on character trees that isn’t DoT. It is actually same with ignite considering any damage with ignite chance can inflict ignite, not only fire damage. Only difference is Fire and Ignite share protection.

If an area of effect skill is either spell or hit, you can block. But if you don’t block it and it inflicts a DoT, you can’t block the damage of that DoT instance. I don’t know if there is any area effect that is neither hit nor a spell so someone else needs to clarify that for you i am afraid.

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After seeing there are some DoTs that are not inflicted in usual ways (like DoT of Fire Shield) I asked devs in discord and they confirmed that

No DoTs are affected by block in any way

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