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Poison Lich, question about Marked for Death skill nodes

Current Lich build is using Poison mostly with typical Wandering Spirit / Rip Blood / Transplant / Plague Bearer combo. Also casting Marked for Death / Soul Feast combo for even more poison. Question is, which of the following will deliver the best Poison damage increase from the Marked for Death tree, as I can’t get both…?

5/5 Weak Constitution -> -500 Poison protection for marked enemies

5/5 Desecration -> +25% increased damage to marked enemies

Probably Desecration, it should give you an extra 7.5% damage (30% * 25%) but it would apply to every type of damage.

The build I was basing mine on stated that Desecration would increase damage by a full 25% (because of the ‘+’ sign n the tool tip). Plus sign indicates a flat base increase (additive). I know that’s how crit chance works anyways.

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from, though it depends on whether Desecrate is counted as a separate source of “increased damage taken” (in which case it would be multiplicative rather than additive) or a modifier to Marked for Death, which would seem a bit excessive since it would buff the damage taken from 30% to 55%.

I personally wouldn’t put too much stock in Mark for Death as I assume you know by now that it’s going to be removed in patch 0.7.9 and “replaced by something much better. Much better.”


Shrug. I’m only using it for Soul Feast targeting.

That said, the fear effect is extremely important to my survivability. I hope the devs don’t forget that when replacing it.

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