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Poison/Doom Dancing Strikes BD 0.8.2I - Help appreciated

So I wanted to build a Dancing Strikes-based poison/DoT BD. I saw Boardman’s Poison Shuriken BD, but didn’t have access to the unique gloves and really wanted to play around w/ Dancing Strikes and melee DoT.

Current semi min-maxed LE Tools Build Planner

Build concept: deliver lots of hits quickly w/ lots of poison chance and poison shred. Since so much of the scaling was flat +DoT, I decided to also incorporate Siphon of Anguish (currently running x2) and Stymied Fate for high chance to apply Doom (400 void base) and Doom effect, and Smoke Weaver to further reduce Shift distance and increase recover speed (currently ~2s). Shift acts as primary healing, mana generator, travel, and shadow cascade trigger/shadow generator. Smoke bomb is used on bosses to shred resistance, slow, and generate shadows.

Playstyle: Numlock toggle Shift when starting a map; this is all we need for most mobs. Dancing strike rares in-between to apply additional doom/poison/additional shadow. For stubborn rares and bosses, hit with smoke bomb and Shift/Dance around until dead.

Defensively I was expecting to be exceptionally squishy but since you’re so mobile and actually have a LOT of healing (Shift heals ~150-200 per trigger, and you have a lot of leech) , it hasn’t died (only level 70 though, came online around 60). Mana hasn’t been an issue with Shift/Shadow Cascade refunds. My dodge chance is also much higher than I thought since every 1 out of 2 seconds you’re getting ~+1500-2000 Dodge.

Anyway, I’d appreciate any advice re: obvious damage sources I may be missing, passive tree redundancy/useless stats, etc. Ways to shore up defenses w/o changing things too significantly are a huge plus. Base-type recommendations are also appreciated. Thank you!

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