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Poison Damage

I was trying to build a void knight. I was playing in arena and around level 60+ (arena level) i get almost instantly killed by poison from the spiders (I think I was around level 20 when i started arena).

Afterwards, for subsequent tries in arena, i almost always instantly die with spiders or poison clouds. I understand the arena is likely scaled by level but when i first died I got around 30 vitality and 40% poison protection at my first death.

not sure whether it is a bug or whether poison is overtuned or I just need to get more poison protection. If this is intended feel free to close this. :speak_no_evil:

Your log file: output_log.txt (406.0 KB)

Thanks for the report!

Our next patch includes a nerf to the effect & duration of Poison applied by the primary attack of Venom Weavers. I’ll perform some internal testing to see if further changes are needed.

Thanks for the quick response!

Just to mention i purposely tested the damage of the poison cloud damage from spriggans and I also (almost) instantly died when I step into the clouds. So I thought it is not just the venom weavers but poison itself.

Was this with stacks of Poison on your character?

In addition to being a stackable Damage Over Time, the Poison ailment increases the damage you take from the Poison damage type. If you have several stacks of Poison on your character, the poison clouds will thus deal far more damage than normal to your character.

It’s also possible for multiple poison clouds to overlap. This should result in the visual effect stacking as well. A single one is fairly faint, but that’ll change if there’s several there. I imagine we’ll prevent this happening in future, but it’s not something we can currently do.


I was not taking any damage before walking myself into the clouds. while the death is not as instant as with the weavers, i think about 80% of my health is gone once i stepped into the clouds (a bit fuzzy about this as I did not really have a lot of time to react).

But, like you said, it may be due to the overlapping clouds as it was from a group of spriggans in arena.

Hopefully your internal testing will provide more insights!

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