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+Poison damage does not increase Poison Ground in Entangling

Operating System: window 10

Detailed description: I tried to make a Poison Shaman and I have rank 2 with 6 added Poison damage to Entangling and +65% Poison Damage Ring. I do not notice any damage increase. Then I switched to a ring with +45% Spell damage and it increases overall damage. So I think the added Poison Damage is not receiving +Poison damage items. I also wonder if Damage Over Time stats improves the Poison portion.

Please look into it. The extra 6 Poison Damage per dot should be very noticeable if I have 65% poison damage increase. I know Entangling is Physical damage.

What were you doing at the time? leveling

How consistently does this happen? yes

Your system information:

Your log file:

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