Points/Items missing from supporter pack


Bought Last Epoch - Eternal Templar Supporter Pack and upgraded to Ultimate Supporter pack.

I read that some items in the Ultimate pack will we get on release. But there are no points for the Shop added. Same from the Enternal Templar pack. Should be 150+100 so far. But i still see 0 points.

Another thing missing is supporter forum title that some pepole have.

What am i missing?

strange. i don’t know about the supporter pack but i got the ultimate upgrade pack from steam today, the cosmetics will be unlocked on release date as you mentioned but the 100 points that comes with it has been added to my account already.

when you go to the in-game epoch shop, does it say “OWNED” under the ultimate or deluxe packs?

It does NOT say owned. Only on STEAM. Says “In library”

And still got 0 points. Should have 250.

Are you playing offline? The packs and associated cosmetics only appear if you’re playing online.