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Podcast Suggestions!

Hello everyone

My name is QuietForMe for those who don’t me. I’m just another supporter for last epoch on twitch. I’m helping run a Podcast on ApprenticeCorner channel by the name of Last Ewok. We are looking for suggestions for topics to be discussed that you the community would like to see! In order to ensure the topics you the viewer are interested in, are being talked about! Please use this link to submit a suggestion to us to cover! (This is a shorthand link to a google document for you paranoid link clickers!)

Thank you for your time and suggestions! Hope to see you there on the next podcast!

I’m a paranoid link non-clicker, my questions:

  • How do you get into the college
  • Why can’t I group up with my friends (yes, I have some, not many, but enough for a party & no, we aren’t going full John Nash)
  • When is the Rouge available & can I get a non-red MTX for it?
  • It’s also unclear what the max level is
  • Nor how to craft
  • And why is this tea hot?
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also :

  • Can i change mastery.
  • Are totem minions.
  • what is the best aoe build

How do you get into the college?
Answer = i didnt go to college so i cant help you there!
Why can’t i group with my friends?
its because you are not going full john nash! :stuck_out_tongue:
when is rogue available & can i get non-red MTX for it?
No because Red is for blood and rogues only know blood!
It’s also unclear what the max level is?
Its over 9000!
Why is this tea hot?
because your not drinking iced tea!

i enjoyed your post so much i had to reply! but i like the ideas you put forth ill be sure to keep them in mind. <3

No, I don’t want a Rogue, I want a Rouge, that’s the 5th base class!

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Well played my good sir well played XD
you stumped me i dunno know when rouge will be added. maybe when EHG can afford Nicole Kidman to voice the character :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to fit Moulin in there somewhere, just not sure how (& whether you non Brits would get a pun on moolah).

thankfully one of my grandmas remarried a brit form london. So thankfully i get the culture better than most! i would enjoy that moolah XD

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