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Pleaseeeeeeee for the love of god provide an easy visual que for non equip-able items

As I’m sure you can imagine its absolutely maddening to have to go through your stash and check one by one if the level requirements are met for every single item you might want to equip.

Not to be harsh but this was a feature around in hmm diablo 1 era? At least by diablo 2…
I’m being a little more critical than usual on this because I feel like level requirements in general were rushed way too early for no reason as far as I can tell.

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That’s fair, we definitely should have an indicator in the future.

The main reason we added item requirements now is to get feedback on the system before our Beta phase. Item requirements are an expected feature, but tuning the exact numbers (especially with our crafting system) can take some time, so it made sense to release it during Alpha rather than alongside Beta.

As always, we’re eager to hear any other feedback people have about the system!


I agree level requirements are key but I think its important to have solid leveling uniques at various levels. They don’t need to be common in fact they can be quite rare if powerful. This rewards dedicated players and encourages them to make new builds.

I also want to point that certain mods should be “weighted” and level reqs shouldnt be just based on the number of mods.
For example: a sword with two t5 prefixs is all you really need until late late game because the suffix mods on weapons are extremely weak compared to the damage mods found in prefixs.

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