Please show location of prophecy monsters

Especially, when I have to look for them on Monolith maps, its a pain to hunt them down.


it would be nice if there was some resource to help guide you in the right direction

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would also be nice to have a search system to see how many prophecies are this dungeon or that monolith boss and else

we have 4 - 5 lines of propheices and have to hover all to remember what we have to do !!
QoL please thx !!!

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it would be nice if they even WORKED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I have 2 prophecies rn.
2 charges each
One is kill 6 Void Horrors, other is kill 6 Immortal eyes. NEITHER OF THEM WORK. I’ve been running monos for 6+ hours, killed countless eyes and a good few void horrors, and never once did I even get the “prophecy progressed” message, let alone gotten loot. Maybe it’s their form of april fools joke, idk.

I am using Google Spreadsheet to maintain my lists of prophecies… ^^ (not joking)

you’re crazy ^^(not joking)