Please rework Unending Storm Rampage

First, while you are channeling the skill you have no control over the direction anymore, so your bear will just stupidly run in the original direction until it hits an obstacle or you release the button. This concept might work for Sentinel’s Shieldrush, as the run speed is much faster. But Rampage’s run speed is quite slow, and it feels unnatural to have no control over direction. You also end up by pressing button, releasing button, correcting direction, pressing button, releasing button, correcting direction, pressing button, and so on. Not much fun, especially in the many levels with narrow passages and many obstacles.

Second, every time you release the button to end Rampage the bear will roar or grunt. As this happens quite often, it quickly becomes annoying.

Third, there seems to be bugs in the terrain of many levels that prevents Rampage from working properly. Please see example video “Alpine Halls”. The video also shows desyncing issues.

  1. Try holding down swipe, and instead of ever walking anywhere, just use rampage in short bursts to change locations and directions. It makes werebear WAY more fun, and super agile, as well as acts as a dodge mechanic. In summary, hold swipe + push rampage briefly to move, instead of clicking around to move. By using rampage as your click-to-move you will be way more agile, do way more DPS, and avoid a lot of damage. Also, its very easy to switch directions with rampage… If you have the zero cooldown skillpoint on it.

  2. If your bear is roaring at the end of rampage its because you CHOSE that skill point in werebear. Disable it to become less annoyed lol.

  3. Yes, all movement skills hit certain floor textures right now, it’s a bug and they are working on fixing it. Not limited to this skill.

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Point 2: If you refer to node “Intimidating Cry” (After using Rampage you now Roar), NO, I have it not enabled.

And to point 1:
I built it as shown by “Action RPG” build guide. The intention here is to Rampage ALL the time to cast lightning a lot and all the time, which will do quite a lot of damage as you can see in the video.

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