Please remove Osprix Lightmages from the game

Then, take them to an open field & beat them to death with a baseball bat (bonus points if you get the reference…)

But seriously, they are still off-screening their B.S. attacks, they need to be fixed asap. I was hit by one which was 4 screens away from me… make it stop.


Their attacks are very well telegraphed and easy to avoid.
I would just give them a longer cooldown, but I think they’re fine.

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No monster should be able to attack from 4 screens away, period.

Show me on the doll where the Lightmage touched you


My opinion on this subject is that Osprix lightmages are totally fine.

I agree with Shtark : their attack is very well telegraphed, no problem on this.
You have at least one complete second to react, if no more (in such a game : this is a lot !).

ARPGs need some punishing monsters like this one that trully forces you to move or suffer the consequences.

I was already OS by some of these (not playing hardcore I must admit, so no real worry for me) and I sincerely always felt it was entirely my fault : I “gambled” by staying too long, wanting to optimize (read “risk”) too much by not stopping damaging nearby ennemies : I should not have and I knew it.

And about attack from outside of screen : this is only true if you aggro some and ignore them by continuing you path. When they track you they have a larger reach than their aggro range.

Once you know it, it’s like fire (ironic, no ?) : don’t play with it or you’ll get burned ! If you see their rune during your rush, avoid it first of course, then go take care of them immediately, before doing what you prefer :wink:

Anyway, have a good game, and destroy those Osprix lightmage ! They do deserve it, somehow :grin:


I can agree with most of this. Until i’m playing something channeling like most of mage builds :smiley: Then i just can’t stop to channel cause i’ll be immediately hit by their spells. And doing boss of “The stolen lance” monolith on channeling lb/nova build was worst experience in LE for me. If i stopped to channel and kill some lightmages - died. If i run to dodge - more spawned and even less time to kill something. I actually would like to see at least increased cooldown of their skill. Or less precious using of this skill (so they target somewhere in little area around player, not 100% sniping).

I thought your post was to talk about your proposition, I did not understand you wanted to force us to adopt your point of view. My mistake.


I hate Meruna Mermaids so much, they are the worst enemy in this game by far having flashbacks from packs of 30 succubi from D1 attacking me in hell on my warrior

and those Lightning Elemental turrets that offscreen and follow me the entire monolith they can die too

They are perfectly fine as long they don’t get packed. Then is just a bit annoying to deal with each.

Personally for me, any other monster that put aoe/dot stuff on ground are much worse.

To reiterate one more time.,

Lightmage using its ability, generally: perfectly fine
Lightmage using its ability from FOUR SCREENS AWAY: NEEDS A HOTFIX.


It can’t attack from “4” screens away, but it can attack from offscreen.

I actually had at least 3 instances where it was 4 screens away. I know this because I had to Shift/Fury Leap/Teleport 4-5 times to get to it.

Edit: and I am sorta sad no one got that reference in the OP (or at least no one mentioned it… :slight_smile: )

Was it from The Catcher?

Office space I think.

I laughed out loud when I read this. Hilarious. Thank you ! :smiley:

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I’m with the OP on this one. Off-screens are utter cancer in these games.

When you’re actively engaged with them on screen, sure, but not when you can’t even see them. Double true for those artillery monoliths. In a loot-based game, I’m being forced to move and not able to look at the loot at all because… “reasons.”

No, this is a terrible concept that needs to die in a dumpster fire behind a McDonald’s so it can be with its family in its last moments.

Also, since this has apparently been memory holed, one of the biggest reasons D3 got shit on during/shortly after release was precisely this–too many off-screen attacks doing too much damage.


Im with the OP. I really don’t like when I get hit from enemies I aggrod and are now far away yet can still target me.
You know what else is bothersome? When people reply to a post they don’t understand. Even ones with reportedly high IQ’s.

Even the more feared enemies only appear sporadically in the individual worlds/levels. In these you should adapt a little and act accordingly.

Some of the new spires also make you stay on the spot less. I think that’s good.

There should be more special enemies, I would also have nothing against violent traps and / or level-filling timers in which you have to do something within certain time intervals.

In any case, it’s not as boring as when you can knock down every enemy brainlessly without thinking in the same way.

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This would be interesting to see what they could do. It makes me think of the boulder traps and explosive traps in Terraria. Unless you’re running around with something to let you see invisible wiring, those traps are savage. I love them, I hate them, I love them, I hate them, but I still love them.

Personally, I think Osprix Lightmages are fine. They can be difficult to deal with and I don’t like them, but their AOE is very well telegraphed and easy to dodge provided you are paying attention. I’ve never had one attack me from “four screens away”, and even if I did… my opinion on that is “So what?”.

I don’t think off-screen attacks are automatically bad and wrong. If the enemy has to be on-screen in order for you to know it is a threat, and react, then yes, that is bad, but that does not apply to Lightmages. When their AOE is so visibly telegraphed to you, what is the actual difference between a Lightmage being on screen or a few screens away other than how quickly/easily you can kill it? What I’m getting out of that complaint is just that you want to be able to kill everything faster than it can threaten you. If I were a combat designer, I would not find that complaint very compelling.

The most common complaint about game difficulty is when it is “artificial” through simple inflation of damage and health numbers, rather than “skill based”, and it seems to me that dangerous-but-telegraphed attacks that require attention and reaction is one of the primary ways skill based difficulty is achieved. So, it seems to me that what’s being said here is not so much “this design of this mob is bad” but rather “I don’t like how much this mob challenges me”.

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