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Please Remove Minion Collision

Please remove the collision with minions. It makes you get stuck with you have 6-7 minions up fighting something, and you get smashed with something like Soul Spear, leaving you to just take it to the face. I think functionality with minions would definitely increase if you were able to walk through them.

Yes pls! remove that, imagine me with 11 minions with my necro. Stuck everytime xD

I actually enjoy the weight it gives them…
It does suck trying to get through tight spots at times but overall I prefer this direction.

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you wont prefer it if you use minion builds that summon more than 5-10
with a full summoner necro its possible to have up to 30-100 minions, sometimes moving through corridors is actually impossible without a movement skill…


I consistently have 20+

normal wraiths?
they have a smaller hitbox so its not as bad(still annoying),
if you spec into sacrifice for blood wraiths + chain explosions you can easily get 30 of them and they have bigger hitboxes

You guys do realize that this can work both ways, right? :slight_smile:
I mean, I agree, that Wraith build can have problems with it, but minions’ collision is more a friend than a foe, as you decide where your minions appear.

So, probably, it would be better to remove collision for Wraith only?

And yes, skeletons can also be a part of collision problem. But my argument is the same. Though here’s a quick idea :thinking:

Skill tree node: Spectral guardians
Skeletons can’t collide with their summoner, allowing him to pass through them freely. But they still block their enemies.


They’re suggesting removing collision with friendly entities, not removing collisions for enemies with those entities. In almost every other arpg, minions can be walked through by their summoner, but still act as a collision for the opposing party.

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I haven’t played a heavy pet build yet but in the minion collisions I’ve seen so far I kind of like the feel of it. It makes the minions feel a little more alive and part of your group. It can work both ways for sure and I think a good drawback to having meat shields is that they can kill you with bad positioning.

Having thought about this a bit more if minion collision stays as it is it would be great if larger enemies (especially bosses) could push minions out of their way as they walk. That’d be super cool.


I played a minion build with skeletons, golems, fire wraiths, and those poison flinging ones that summon when a minion die and I agree it is incredibly frustrating to be blocked in. There are times you just stand there and wait to die because there is nothing you can do.

With my Lich (Edit: Forgot it was my lich, so I could also spawn Wraiths), I tried to see how many minions I could generate–turns out, it’s several thousand at once. Torch of the Pontifex is ridiculous if you use it right :slight_smile:

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