Please reconsider powerful rare monsters spawning numbers


I’d like to mention the fact that playing in empowered monoliths, some echoes are spawning a large amount of powerful rare monsters such as Siege Golems, Convenant of Dominion, Ice Golems, and so on…wich in my case are extremely difficult:
I am playing with a Sentinel/Paladin based on Melee Physical Damage / Rive + Block Chance / Stun and some other things…i’ve reached about 280 corruption in the End of the Storms monolith.
I’ve encountered a few echoes that had like 6 Siege Golems in one place…whenever i got close to them (wich took a while since they were all channeling the explosive circles and contiunusly tried to avoid them) it takes just one to channel the fire aura near them to kill me…Basically it’s pretty much impossible to deal with 4 or more siege golems at one time, i have to keep them in Stun all the time to have a slight chance of defeating them. Usually they are spread out and being a Melee character complicates things
In other cases, i’ve encountered 3 Convenant of Dominion joined with alot of Ospryx mages (hope they’re called like that, the monsters from the last Seal of the Sun wave) wich also deal extreme damage given that Convenant of Dominions do a huge amount of damage even if resistances are capped, about 70% armor and 1.4k health + other defenses like Frailty. The items i have equipped are pretty good and balanced, about half of them are full tier 5 with only the things i need.
I generally think Convenant of Dominion should really be nerfed in the spell casting speed at least

I really dont like when a large amount of these very powerful rare monsters are way too many for one small spot in a echo and i died everytime when this happened…so i definitly think the spawning algorythm for them can be improved


I am at 315 corruption and all I do is run for the objective, sometimes you get zones such as ‘Desert Canyon’ which has huge spawn rate and yes the game does not seem to care about the types it spawns its been this way since ive owned the game

The worst mobs for me are summoners mainly Eye Watchers, if I get a bad map - I just suicide unless the rewards are exalt items, I would portal out but its slower - because theres no punishment and dont need the reward I dont care about the death

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Personally I think that this is a factor of the types of mobs that spawn together having a potentially exponential impact on the difficulty making the “same level” much harder just based on the spawn combination.

E.g. having a Covenant Of Dom with a bunch of fire spiders is relatively easy… having a Cov of Dom spawn with Lightmages can be 10x as hard on exactly the same corruption level…

Same is true for various other combinations where the mobs skills compliment each other…

I think the consideration should be to base the random mob spawn groups on difficulty levels… i.e. for corruptions less than X, it should not be possible to spawn these more difficult combinations of mobs… obviously as the corruption gets higher, then these more difficult combinations then kick in…


Thats a nice concept you have there and makes alot of sense!! I would agree with this change

This is also something that has bothered me for a minute, I think I had like 6 siege golemns at one time, half of them are blasting you offscreen. The worst are the Meruna Ogres or the Ice Golems. But that people will defend this and say oh it makes the game more challenging. In reality this is very build disabling. It isnt more challenging its that now I have to have a build that is going to warp and instantly take out the large high powered enemies. This feels more like you are being pushed into a specific build or playstyle in order to be able to take on really high corruption maps. The most enjoyable way IMO for enemy set up is lots of mobs and some larger higher health enemies sprinkled in to keep you on your toes and make it so you are actively thinking and strategizing.

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I never encountered that many Siege Golems in one place, without pulling them from different directions.

2-3 Siege Golems within 1-1/2 screens away was something i already experienced, but if you are careful you can avoid pulling them all most of the time.

The Big AoE Fire Aura thingy they only do once, when they reach 50% health and lose their Shield.

So this is very much in the players hand and they will not spawm this ability.

I do think few strong mobs are way mroe fun than having countles of small mobs running brainlessly into death.

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its pretty common (but not as common) for me when running some echoes to see 2-3 golems, frost wyerns or convenants of dominion in one place, same screen wich for my character are pretty strong.
Even if i try to kite them, the area of spawning is so small that the others will follow even I didnt engage them :confused:
Having 410 corruption makes life a bit hard and it is way too challenging, in this scenario. :frowning:

a) On 410 Corruption, no one needs to complain about any increasing difficulty. I have a lot of characters that wouldn’t make it to that level.

b) Also, defense is king. Have a few candidates that could probably take a few more golems, I guess.

At various times, I have gotten the following on-screen all at once (during different runs), and it wasn’t because I was willy-nilly pulling from all over the place:

  • 6 Siege Golems
  • 5 Covenant of Dominion
  • 9 Meruna Ogres
  • 14 Desecrated Flesh (the spinny-rock ogres)
  • 4 Frost Worms

All on 0 Corruption, non-empowered Monos.

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