Please punish the players who took advantage of the gold/coin bug/exploit

I was so happy to have enough gold to be finally able to buy my first 4 LP Weapon in the Market this weekend.
Now after some few people crashed the whole market everything i have worked for is lost, atleast for now.
Please punish the players who took advantage of this situation.


I think they would if they could. The lack of any announcement on the subject tells me they aren’t going to. (edit: never mind, a dev said on reddit there will be bans)

No gamig company has ever announced bans/punishments. They will most likely let the community know afterwards. Im sure they will ban/punish.

Blizzard used to do it.

There is a reason they stopped that practice.

I think that it won’t matter for long as this is a blank season, as we don’t know the timings of the end of the season, it would be great if it was next week, as it’ll al be lost! :joy::+1:

Just try and play this season 1 as a test for what you do and don’t enjoy. That way when there is season content you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of how you wish to proceed. :slight_smile:

What reason is that?

Banning gold sellers used to make wow money by forcing them to buy more copies. When WoW died and people stopped buying gold, they stopped banning people almost entirely around the BFA era

They never said why, but I never felt it did anything positive in the community.

The “they let so many bots run rampant” etc. comments when people didn’t notice when bans occurred meant it wasn’t effective, imho.

OK, a dev said on reddit there will be account bans:

Nobody cares if their accounts are banned as long as the economy is completely dead for this cycle.