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Please let us turn off quest tracking! (or turn off minimap)


I’m just posting again in hopes to garner some support for this feature to return. Personally a lot of the fun that I get out of video games is exploring the world that it’s set in.

It’s also way more immersive once you’ve essentially memorized every zone; It’s satisfying to feel like you actually know the area, like another facet of learning the lore - it makes you feel a lot more like an adventurer who’s spent countless hours travelling through those lands vs someone following an arrow on a minimap. Speaking of which, turning off the minimap altogether would be another really awesome option.

You guys are raising the bar something fierce with this game already so even if I’m stuck with quest tracking on, I’ll be around for a long time to come, but for me personally that would be the last major feature (which it really isn’t that big of a feature of its self, it just is to me and I assume at least some other people) that I feel is missing to make this game as close to perfect as it gets.

Thanks, and I hope ya’ll have a great day!