Please increase minimum Freeze Rate Multiplier on Elder Raiment and Snowblind

The range for implicit freeze on Elder raiment is 75 to 275.

This is a huge range of 200 and makes finding a useful one a lot trickier than other items that have much smaller ranges to pick from and where a low value can often still be useful.

The Icewolf Pelt has a range 100 to 200 (albeit with a cold resist roll on top), which makes the range only 100 and the cold resist is basically gravy.

I’d like to suggest that the minimum on Elder Raiment is increased to 175, making it the same 100 range as Icewolf Pelt. It is, after all, a level 62 item and has the lowest base armour value of any level 60+ armour.

Also, the level 65 version of Snowblind. The only difference between the level 10 and level 65 versions is 90 armour. Both have a freeze rate multi of 40-200, another huge range of 160.

Increase the freeze rate on the level 65 version to 140-200 making it more desirable.

Only the minimums on these items needs adjusting, please don’t nerf the maximums!

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